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Why Some Teams Succeed While Others Fail

“Do you believe in miracles?” Those words, uttered in the final seconds of the game, memorialized the great, and improbable victory by the U.S. hockey team over the Soviet Union during the 1980 Olympics. It was such a great story...
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Dysfunctional Teams

Is your teamwork not working? Dan and Alison answer your questions with the help of Amy Edmondson, a professor at Harvard Business School. They talk through what to do when your team isn’t communicating, doesn’t respect its leader, or
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28 Halloween group costume ideas that are perfect for any squad

In the week before Halloween, last-minute shoppers crowd costume stores looking for the perfect spooky getup. Being guilty of this hectic process several times in my life, I'm happy to say that I will continue the tradition yet again this year. In
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Snapchat and Amazon will team up on in-app shopping, report says

When you think of Snapchat, you probably think of faceswaps and dancing hot dogs. But you might soon have a new reason to think of the messaging app: Shopping.  Code unearthed by a developer strongly suggests that Snapchat is readying a new
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Elon Musk goes full superhero, deploys team to save Thai kids trapped in cave

What is that saying about life and art again? Elon Musk has sent engineers from his SpaceX and Boring Company teams to assist with the rescue efforts of the boys' soccer team stuck in a cave system in Thailand.  SEE ALSO: If tech CEOs were
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Team Twitter reunites woman with a letter sent to her by a famous poet

Sometimes, just sometimes, Twitter isn't a terrible wasteland of Very Bad Things™.  Indeed, sometimes the internet rallies together to help people and reunite them with possessions they've lost.  SEE ALSO: Team internet reunites a
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The Washington Post instructs us to 'Let the Trump team eat in peace,' but people are not having it

The Washington Post has jumped to the defense of Sarah Sanders a day after the press secretary was refused service at a restaurant. The piece, titled "Let the Trump team eat in peace," was written by the paper's editorial board. In it they argue
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This chain-smoking robot is taking one for the team.

Researchers at the WYSS Institute at Harvard University developed a robot whose only task is smoking cigarettes. The smoke then goes through a tiny chip, lined with living human cells, that is used to study the effects of smoking on our lungs.
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The “I’s” in Team

Teamwork is something that we learn at a very young age. We learn that working as part of a team will strengthen the team and the businesses that partners with the team and in particular contexts such as sports, it’s essential...
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This dating app has a team of moms who help users in their search for love

When selecting a photo for one's dating profile, many of us might turn to friends for advice. The downside of this arrangement is that our friends love us and are therefore less likely (we suspect) to give an honest answer.  But over at dating