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Flipkart, Amazon and Snapdeal grappling with shortage of delivery boys in festive season rush

From: By Prachi Verma Recommended by: Vsquare ecommerce is fuelling and providing job opps for many people... This is a very good opportunity for the HR companies to
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The Problem of Too Much Talent

From: By Adam Galinsky and Maurice Schweitzer Recommended by: Balaji Pasumarthy Fascinating article about coordination and having too much talent. Too much talent (having too many high performers),
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Your Assets and your family

You are striving hard to earn and accumulate assets directly and indirectly. But have you thought about guarding the documents on the assets and information (where is what) and passing it to your children systematically?   
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US Open 2015 Semis: Djokovic vs Cilic, Federer vs Wawrinka preview

From: Recommended by: Vsquare   Federer has yet to drop a set thus far and his serve has been working immaculately, helping him make quick progress through the draw. The Swiss stands
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Why the Best Places To Work list is becoming a battle of the flex

From: Recommended by: Balaji Pasumarthy Autonomy is one of the key ways to get team members to feel ownership and be engaged and be productive. It starts with something as simple as deciding when
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Why Companies Make Bad Hires

There are a lot of strategies around how to hire the right people, from analyzing Google searches to diversity initiatives to personal philosophies set into interview practices.   Yet, despite best practices and concerted efforts,
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The Beautiful Source of Happiness

Robin Sharma shares how inner power can be a beautiful source of happiness.
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Can you change?

From: By Amruth Kumar Recommended by: greatscope All of us feel that we are open to change. But are we really? Take this short test to understand your readiness ( or reluctance ) to change
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Customers feast on great service

How much would you pay for an egg?  Fifty cents?  Two dollars?   How about $6,000? That’s how much it cost one restaurant in Newport Beach which refused to honor a customer’s request.  Not through legal action,
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5 tips to spotting a bad candidate who looked perfect on paper

Have you ever put in a good word for someone, only to hear that he or she got the job — and then totally bombed? I've been there and I can tell you: It's super awkward. But if people (myself included) can be fooled by contacts we know, what