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Quick Networking tips!

Have you heard about this guy who got a great job? Or about the sales executive who sold more than anybody else in the department? How about this lady who made a fortune for herself and the young manager who unexpectedly signed a huge contract for
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Bargaining Power: Getting the edge in negotiations

The relationship between the negotiator and the client can be a crucial factor in deciding a company’s success. The negotiator can make or break deals and hence his role is more important than the CEO’s. The study of negotiations
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Gifting Instincts

Gifts are getting more personalised and even well-known gifting companies are providing value additions. Gifting is well-entrenched tradition in today's corporate world. Though it was frowned upon in the earlier days, many individuals and
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Tax helpline

The FKCCI is running a tax helpline to streamline tax and cess procedures and is actively lobbying to reduce taxes   Despite years of reforms happening in the commercial tax structure, the trader still continues to suffer. The pressure
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Success in Sales - Issue 35

This time the focus is on the “F”s for selling: ‘Failures are stepping-stones to success’ is an oft-quoted adage. I would go one step further and say that failure is in a way success if it is learnt from! Every
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Thriving on sales

The primary aspect about selling is to understand that you should first convince yourself that your product is something that you are willing to ‘buy’ Whether you are a teacher, an administrator, a businessman or a technical
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Demanding Customers

There is more to demanding customers than meets the eye. Identifying their different shades will make a big difference. There is more to demanding customers than meets the eye. Identifying their different shades will make a big difference.
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Success in Sales - Issue 32

Our series on sales talks of the Ds of desire Dream and Desire to try new ideas in selling and excel in them. Dreams come true if one works towards the same.   History belongs to dreamers. All the people who are shaping world
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Success in Sales - Issue 31

In our series on the alphabets of success here is the take on C “C” assumes a very high significance in the ABCs of sales as it covers many important elements for success in selling.   Compete with your own records and
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Rules are made for breaking!

Believe in your products, services and yourself. If you do not believe in your own products and services, then you can never sell and run a business successfully.   Belief results in confidence and confidence results in success in