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Business Innovation

If you are an entrepreneur, you are sure to get advice from all known and unknown sources saying if you want to be successful you have to innovate, create or think out of box. They are 100% correct. But the big but is that how to be creative and
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Creating sales requires creativity

A cartoon in The New Yorker magazine showed two assistants preparing a conference room.  One says to the other, "And don't forget the little notepads in case one of them has an idea." Good ideas in sales -- that don
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Everyone is in sales

"How many salespeople do you have?"  I'm often asked that question, and I reply that we have 450.  "WOW!" is the usual response, followed by "How many employees do you have?"  My answer is the same:
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An innovative ad

This is an ad which uses the Pata Chitra Katha and has won the Design Lion at the Cannes lion festival,2009.    
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Filing of Income Tax Return

As assured I give below some basic information for making filing of income tax returns slightly easy for small sized corporate entities and non- corporate entities falling under the requirements to have their accounts audited under Income
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The Black and White of GST

 GST (Goods and Service Tax) is likely to be one of the landmark initiatives taken by the Indian Government to simplify and unify the indirect taxes regime. The earlier attempt to unify the Sales tax laws throughout the country through the VAT
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Sell something that no one can see

How do you sell something that no one can see?   That is the challenge when you try to market services. A service is just a promise that at some future date, you will do something for someone: deliver a package, provide advice, deliver
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Rotten Tomatoes

    I sometimes think it is useful for children to learn their reality lessons early in life. From a business education point of view, the earlier they are exposed to the reality and the harshness, the better prepared they will be
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Thoughts on selling

  1. Good listeners are good sales people. Period.   2. Lousy listeners are lousy sales people. Period.   3. GREAT LISTENERS ARE GREAT SALES PEOPLE. (Listening "skills" are hard to learn and subject to
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Sales team Incentives

Sales personnel perform a key task for any organization. However, as their output is directly related to their level of motivation, incentives come into the picture, to spur them on as well as to recompense loyalty and achievements. Interestingly,