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Networking Systems Really DO Make a Difference

The old saying that we “treasure what we measure”—and vice versa—turns out to be highly relevant in networking.   I created a survey of 12,000 men and women for one of my most recent books. As my
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Knowing something about your customer is just as important as knowing your product

On a national sports radio program recently, the two talk show hosts were discussing star quarterback Peyton Manning and the enormous impact he is having in his new football home, Denver. They mentioned that Manning had already learned the entire
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Tie-downs are critical to sales

If you knew two little words that could improve your sales, you'd use them, wouldn't you?   When you see your customer has some reservations, it makes sense to get the issues out in the open, doesn't it?   And
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Increase Your Team's Motivation Five-Fold

In a famous experiment, researchers ran a lottery with a twist. Half the participants were randomly assigned a lottery number. The remaining half were given a blank piece of paper and a pen and asked to write down any number they would like as
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Generating Repeat Business

“For any enterprise to thrive, you cannot underestimate the importance of repeat business. The vast majority of senior executives believe that providing good customer service is sufficient to obtain return customers. However, focusing on the
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Identify the problem, then solve it

Let me repeat a basic principle in the sales and marketing world:  People don't usually buy products and services.  They buy solutions to problems. And adhering to that principle determines who succeeds at sales.  
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Reinventing the Wheel: Creating Lifetime Customers

"These types of relationships are not easily formed nor are they formed overnight. They require exceptional care, attention, and a focus on continuously exceeding expectations. At Zane’s, where we have chosen to compete on service rather
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A Study on Physical Gold and Gold ETF

Stock Market has lead to tendency of many to go in for much safer investments that gives a reasonable return. This is the reason for gold gaining popularity as one of the safest avenues for investment.   Gold has always held importance
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No success without access

Over the years I've asked a lot of people what makes a great salesperson, and the answers are fairly predictable:  passion; persistence; personality/likeability; planning; trustworthiness; strong work ethic; drive/initiative; quick learner
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Business Innovation

If you are an entrepreneur, you are sure to get advice from all known and unknown sources saying if you want to be successful you have to innovate, create or think out of box. They are 100% correct. But the big but is that how to be creative and