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Avoid the temptation to Hire a Large Sales Team when starting a new venture.

Sale (Photo credit: Gerard Stolk (vers le Noël)) When starting a new business one is most hungry to get sales going, however ramping up the sales team too fast can actually backfire. It takes time to figure out what is working. Which
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Why Tighter Boundaries Propel Greater Results

From: Recommended by: Balaji Pasumarthy  By: Berrett Constraints  can actually lead to innovation and better business models. This article gives some very interesting examples from
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Dan Pink – The Surprising Truth About Moving Others

From: Recommended by: Balaji Pasumarthy  By: Zuly Gonzalez Would you like to meet a "Sales Guy"? Well most probably your answer is 'no'. None of us want to be sold to
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Negotiate Like A Car Salesman: 5 Tactics To Help You Win Every Time

Whether you want a raise, different responsibilities, or more resources, knowing how to negotiate is vital. Here are 5 (non-sleazy, promise!) tricks straight from the car lot that will help you get what you want at work.The image of the sleazy,
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Six Ways Business Intelligence Software Can Help Your Business

From: Recommended by: Rahul Rao  By: Jennifer Schiff 6 ways BI is helping businesses reach their goals, sooner and more effectively. Jaspersoft CEO Brian gentile explores
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5 Ways to Increase Traffic and Sales with Blogging

From: Recommended by: ADMIN Businessgyan Social media marketing is the best thing you could do to engage and interact with your customer. An interesting article about how blogging about your
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Everyone Should Talk About Politics and Religion While Networking…

Yes, I believe everyone should talk about politics and religion while networking… if they’d like their network to go up in flames, that is. Okay, I admit that I chose this title to get your attention. Talking politics and
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Are You Making It Hard For Customers To Buy From You?

What every marketer should worry about most is minimizing obstacles during the buying process--even if all it means is lacing up a pair of shoes. Run through this customer pain-point checklist to see if you're in the clear. One Saturday
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How To Build Positive Marketing Stories That Work

Want your story to go viral online? Just follow these three universal story elements, all of which were hardwired into us as the human mind evolved.Throughout human history, the stories that have survived and been passed from mind to mind have been
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Win Their Loyalty: Ensure Your Customers Feel Special

While the battle for customers is sometimes based on price or features, it often is more emotional – a matter of demonstrated care and consideration for the customer’s attention. To better explain, allow me to share a few favorite