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Take your playlist on the go with these portable and affordable speakers

Looking for a better way to listen to your favorite music, podcasts, or audiobooks on your next big adventure? Treat yourself to a portable speaker, already. Not sure where to start? We’ve teamed up with eBay to bring you a list of brand new,
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Paul McCartney's 'Carpool Karaoke' takes a sad song and makes it better

Imagine singing an emotional duet to "Let It Be" in the car with the man who wrote it. That little bucket list item was ticked by James Corden, who dropped the full instalment of "Carpool Karaoke" featuring legendary Beatle Paul McCartney on
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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Take Your Dog to Work Day

Tomorrow marks the 20th anniversary of Take Your Dog to Work Day (TYDTW), the event that really launched the era of pet-friendly workplace policies. Back in 1999, Pet Sitters International had this out-of-the-box notion: What if we created an event
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Fail Fast and Take the Heat Out of Failure

I recently met with a client responsible for organizational development in the financial services sector who was seeking ideas, information, and input from ImagineNation towards cultivating a “fail fast” organizational culture. It caused
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'Little Fires Everywhere' is a beautiful novel that takes you places you'll never expect to go

In Celeste Ng's second novel Little Fires Everywhere, we're introduced to two families: the Richardsons and the Warrens.  On the surface, the Richardsons are the kind of family you might see in a stock photo framed in Target. They live in
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WTF: Girl takes a hit off a vape and blows it out of her ears

Everyone knows that person who starts doing vape tricks, even if nobody asked. But can they vape out of their ears? A video originally posted to Reddit of a girl taking a hit of her vape, holding her nose, and blowing smoke out of her ears has the
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Here's what it takes to make a gourmet Kit Kat from scratch

Have you ever wondered what it takes to make a Kit Kat from scratch? It takes a lot. Pastry chef Claire Saffitz from Bon Appétit attempted to make a gourmet version of the chocolate snack without a recipe for its series Gourmet Makes. Instead
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It takes absolute precision to construct Earth's largest telescope, which will peak into far-off alien worlds

The Giant Magellan Telescope, currently being constructed in Chile, is expected to be operational by 2026. Currently, the project is in a critical stage — casting seven huge mirrors that will hopefully allow the telescope to capture far-off
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Baby tree kangaroo takes first steps, decides pouch is better than world

If you can get through this video of a baby tree kangaroo taking its first steps without losing your shit, you're stone cold. Sydney's Taronga Zoo has released an outlandishly adorable video of its new marsupial resident, a little Goodfellows tree
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Take online classes in cloud computing for just $19 and impress your boss

The cloud is one of the most frequently misunderstood technologies. We rely on it for everything from email to analytics to puppy GIFs, but if someone ever really, truly demanded an explanation, most of us could only give a cursory explanation. SEE