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8-bit sushi has arrived and #foodporn pics may never be the same again

What's better than delicious sushi? How about 3D-printed sushi that looks like it belongs in an 8-bit video game? At SXSW, Open Meals showed off a "Pixel Food Printer" that 3D prints edible pixelated sushi. It's some real next-level #foodstagram
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This footage of sushi twitching on a plate has seriously creeped people out

Poor little fella. SEE ALSO: This woman is cooking with her mouth and the internet isn't having it Footage of some clam sushi twitching on a man's plate has recently gone viral on Twitter, prompting the question whether it is in fact still alive
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Is Sushi healthy for you? How about Granola bars? What about the incredibly delicious Quinoa?

From: Via: Is Sushi healthy for U? Granola? Differences in opinions between Americans & Nutritionists
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The Strategist Quiz (#434)

Connect bamboo charcoal and squid ink to a product brought out by two global giants. Name the companies.What are these types of - Masala, Dim Sum, Sushi, Bull Dog, Kangaroo and Yankee?Which technology company launched a project code named Loon
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An Illustrated History of Sushi

From:   By: Clarissa Wei Via: The 1st generation of sushi used to take a year to make! Short history of sushi: http://