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Amazon's checkout-free experiment could come to larger grocery stores

Amazon's cashier-less shopping tech could come to a full supermarket. As reported by the Wall Street Journal, the tech giant is experimenting with its Amazon Go technology at a larger store. SEE ALSO: What it's like to shop at Amazon Go At the
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Supermarket ad banned for being too 'political' becomes an online hit

In April, Iceland became the first major UK supermarket to ban palm oil from its own products, in light of the severe environmental damage caused by increased global demand for the substance. The issue has been raised in a TV commercial for the
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Supermarket hummus is garbage. Instead, make your own.

This is You Won't Regret It, a new weekly column featuring recommendations, tips, and unsolicited advice from the Mashable culture team. People nowadays are under tremendous pressure to do everything themselves, whether it's designing our own
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Elderly couple helping each other in the supermarket is about as heartwarming as it gets

Videos go viral on Twitter for a bunch of different reasons. Some are funny, some are head-scratchingly impressive, and others — like the brief clip below shot at a Target store — are just plain adorable. SEE ALSO: The story of this
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The era of the supermarket's over. Thank these gigantic robot warehouses for that.

Ocado, the world's largest online-only grocery retailer, relies on robots to deliver fresh food to hundreds of thousands of people in the UK. Its warehouses are designed like living organisms – there's a central nervous system (software), a
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Drake just paid for a bunch of people's groceries so, uh, they can thank him now

Drake's been on a major generosity kick while filming his music video for "God's Plan," and fans are loving him for it. For the rapper's latest good deed, he dropped in on some unsuspecting shoppers at a Miami supermarket and, you know, casually
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5 ways Amazon could use Whole Foods to crush the competition

From: Mashable By Patrick Kulp Recommended by: Mashable On paper, Amazon just bought a struggling overpriced grocery chain for more than $13 billion. But the online retail giant sees much more in Whole Foods than a simple
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Sensory Marketing; The Smell of Cinnamon That Made Me Buy

From: Via: RT @RobertCialdini: Or if you want sell Italian Italian music in the background.  #pre-
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How to beat supermarket psychology

From:   By: Tony Field Via: RT @RobertCialdini: How to beat
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Supermarket psychology: how shops convince you to spend

From: Via: RT @RobertCialdini: Supermarket #psychology: how shops convince you to spend