SUN Microsystems to be the infrastructure partner for the Retail CoE

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Building on its market leadership in providing business software to retailers in India and globally, SAP India today announced its latest initiative for the highly competitive Indian retail market - opening of a SAP Center of Excellence (CoE) for Retail. The SAP Retail CoE would function out of SAP TMs Mumbai facility.

The Retail CoE is an initiative to provide Indian retailers of all sizes insights into usage and application of frontier technologies in the retail industry and would showcase an end-to-end solution roadmap for the retail industry. The Retail CoE would demonstrate the strength of SAP retail offering, provide thought leadership on industry issues, evangelize usage of frontier technologies and become a center of learning for the SAP retail community.

Lead by SAP, the CoE would become a learning center for the eco-system of retailers, service providers and venders providing and would demonstrate how Indian retailers can leverage technology for sustained growth. Some of the initiatives undertaken at the CoE would include -Â

      Showcase vertical specific (e.g. Grocery, Drug, Fashion) scenarios across SAP Retail Solution offering

      Advise customers on IT Strategy, Solution Roadmap and bring in best practices from across the globe to help customers derive maximum benefits from SAP Solutions

      Conduct audits for ongoing SAP Retail Implementations

      Organize customer events to facilitate knowledge exchange and experience sharing

      Provide inputs to solution development teams on India localization aspects Organize trainings/ workshops for partner community on SAP Retail Solution offering

      Showcase/ certify partner solutions on SAP technology platform (SAP NetWeaver)

The CoE would be a key enabler of SAP partners to develop and showcase innovative retail applications on the SAP NetWeaver platform. The CoE would enable the partner ecosystem for product training, custom development and for integration for third party retail solutions to SAP solutions based on SAP NetWeaver Platform.  Going forward, SAP will continue to partner with Industry leaders to roll out the Retail CoE Initiative


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