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Twitter tests suggestions on people to unfollow for when your timeline is too much

You're likely familiar with Twitter's suggestions on who to follow. Now, the company is asking some users if they want to unfollow people.  As first pointed out by Slate, the social media platform is testing unfollow suggestions. "We know that
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Tesla wants to add video games, and the internet has suggestions

Tesla has been getting a lot of flak lately, but don't worry, because look: video games! On Twitter, Elon Musk asked for developers to consider joining Tesla to make games optimized for its vehicles. SEE ALSO: Tesla's still losing money, but at
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Improving employment data: Task force suggestion will take years to execute

From: Buisness-standard By Mahesh Vyas Recommended by: business-standard Earlier this month, on January 2, I wrote in this column that the government could be employing about 23 million people. This was an estimate based on some
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It's Too Late. Exclamation Marks Are Unstoppable Now

From:   By: Melissa Dahl Via: Even grammar experts can't help themselves. It's too late. Exclamation marks are unstoppable