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Don’t Let Succession Planning Be Just a C-Suite Thing

“Apple Inc. Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook told shareholders at the company’s annual meeting to expect higher dividends and stressed that succession planning is a priority,” Bloomberg reported last month. “Cook also
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Lifecycle Mastery: Your Future Leaders Are Among You. Here’s How to Find and Develop Them

This is the final part of a six part look at how employers can master the talent lifecycle in a way that will help build a high performing workforce. Today’s post examines succession planning. A complete list of the posts is at the end of this
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Succession Planning - When Should You Include In-Laws?

From:   By: Rena Striegel Via: Succession Planning - its a hot
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Why We Need to Invest in Succession Planning for HR

Let’s face it: HR is a service department. We serve people at all levels through everything we do. We are the ones who partner with business leaders to ensure the right people get hired, developed, paid and are motivated to perform. We make
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Why You Should Consider the “High Commitments” Over High Potentials

Within progressive organizations, high-potential (HIPO) employees have been the mainstay of many talent management and succession planning system. Their elevated status from the general workforce often is seen as an affirmation of the qualities
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Succession Planning When Your Company Is In Crisis Mode

Succession planning is always important, but sometimes it is urgent. A key leader resigns without notice. A high-level manager and several of his team members are fired for ethics violations. Or, a company is experiencing rapid growth and needs to