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Should YOU Spend Your Time and Money in a Networking Group

There are many reasons why people join networking groups. The most obvious – and what makes them remain in these same groups year after year – is that the relationships they make in these groups lead to their getting more
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5 Contrarian Lessons From Successful Entrepreneurs

There's something special about entrepreneurs whose startups take off and those whose stay small--starting with how they begin. In studying successful entrepreneurs for my new book, Breakthrough Branding, I was struck by a series
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The power of we

A famous organist was performing a concert on a huge antique organ in front of a large audience. The bellows were hand-pumped by a boy seated behind a screen, unseen by any in the vast audito­rium. The first part of the performance went very
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3 Ways Successful People Prioritize Their To-Do Lists

You look at your to-do at the end of the day and--gulp--only the inconsequential tasks are crossed off. That's mismanaging priorities. Here's how to get them in order. To be successful, businesses must prioritize their focus. Any
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Clear thinking is in critical condition

A Midwest university professor complained: "We are now focusing more on how to use the tools of communication than we are on how to effectively communicate ... As a result, we are turning out computer and internet gurus who can't write and
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4 Ways to Leverage Who You Know to Grow Faster

Who you know does matter. To speed up business growth and avoid pitfalls that can stunt growth, you need multiple networks: those that provide support and those that provide connections. Often, the two overlap; sometimes they are separate.
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Six Ways to Refuel Your Energy Every Day

Are you working longer hours, attending more meetings, taking shorter vacations, answering more emails and eating lunch at your desk, if you eat lunch at all? Does demand in your life just keep getting higher, so you're struggling more and
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Making your goals means making a plan

Okay, all you golfers-ever played a skins game? In simple terms: players during a round of golf wager on the best score for a single hole. If there's a tie, the "pot" rolls over to the next hole. One result of a skins game can be to up
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Reassessing leadership for today's bosses

As we enter the long hot summer of politics and read stories daily about corporate strategies, one common theme emerges: leadership. And there is seldom agreement about what real leadership looks like or who is best to provide it. Why? My
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Networking Systems Really DO Make a Difference

The old saying that we “treasure what we measure”—and vice versa—turns out to be highly relevant in networking.   I created a survey of 12,000 men and women for one of my most recent books. As my