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In Memory of Jody Sherman

I flew down to Santa Monica today to attend a memorial service in celebration of the life of Jody Sherman. Along with a hundred and fifty of his closest friends, we shared stories of the Jody we remembered. We celebrated his incredible spirit. More
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Failing is inevitable, every once in a while. Fail well. Fail successfully!

From: Recommended by: Niranjan Rao Reddyshetty If failure is viewed with the right lens, it needn't be a bad/ fearful thing that we may think it to's a point of view
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The Lollipop Entrepreneur: Behavioral Styles and Motivation

Referral marketing leads to few – if any – overnight success stories. In fact, the most crucial part is building relationships, which takes a lot of time and effort. However, when you've taken the time to build the right
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Talking About Money & Goals

  Through the years my kids and grandkids have asked me questions about how to reach their goals. I'm flattered to give them advice and insight and I strongly encourage writing down your goals. But I
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Where To Network? How to Find The Right Networking Events For You

ShareRegardless of the size of your existing network and type of business you are in, you cannot beat face to face relationship building and word of mouth marketing for growing your business. You just never know who people know, and how well
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How to Network With the Elephant in the Room

As those who have benefited from business networking know very well, belonging to a networking group that meets regularly helps establish and maintain relationships that can prosper for years. However, it’s almost inevitable,
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More street-smart ideas for success

Sometimes the columns that get the biggest reaction are those that offer the simplest advice. A couple weeks ago I wrote about street-smart ideas and was inundated with requests for more. A few readers shared their ideas too. Because I truly believe
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Fear of Rejection: Don’t Let It Stand in the Way of Your Success

Back in 1994 I authored the first edition of my book The World’s Best Known Marketing Secret. I was out promoting the book and trying to get bookstores to carry it. Back then, one of the ways to do that was to go to bookstores and
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5 Apps To Help You Swing Back Into Productivity Mode

A look at the best new apps designed to help you stay on top of email, keep your to-do lists streamlined, type on the go, and even wake up more easily.....When thinking about getting more done, popular apps such as Evernote and Dropbox come to mind
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7 Tools of Entrepreneurial Awesomeness

As part of the UC Santa Barbara's Distinguished Lecture Series, Emmy Award winner Seth Epstein and current Founder and CEO ofSocialStay, described seven practical, hands-on techniques entrepreneurs can use to enhance their overall awesomeness