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From: Via: super quick - PLF is now live,Today's the BIG day. When you can join the ranks of the top marketers.... who are
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Conquest Top 10

Birla Institute of Technology and Sciences (BITS) Pilani’s International Startup Conclave, Conquest, is a global start­up challenge that has been bringing together the largest community of passionate entrepreneurs from all over the world
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When Do You Need A Strategy Consultant?

There is rarely a CEO or entrepreneur who has never felt the need for advice. The majority, however, do not engage consultants. They try and figure things out by themselves, sometimes not so well. In my consulting experience of nearly
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How Nash Equilibrium Guides Competitive Strategy

John Nash became a household name thanks to the Hollywood movie A Beautiful Mind. He died tragically in a car crash on 23rd May. Fortunately his contribution to Game Theory, for which he was awarded Nobel Prize in 1994, lives on. I have
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Strategic My A**, What Strategic Recruiting really looks like

Strategic My A**, What Strategic Recruiting really looks like from Dr John Sullivan The post Strategic My A**, What Strategic Recruiting really looks like appeared first on Dr John
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Go Social to Improve Customer Incentives

When running a business, one of your marketing strategies should be focusing on rewarding
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Camel carts and strategic thinking

It was a strange question and it took me completely by surprise. I was travelling in Rajasthan with the General Sales Manager of Hindustan Lever (now Hindustan Unilever). I was a young Area Sales Manager barely five years old in the Company,
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The Authenticity Paradox

Authenticity has become the gold standard for leadership. But a simplistic understanding of what it means can hinder your growth and limit your impact. Consider Cynthia, a general manager in a health care organization. Her promotion into
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The 2 X business growth jigsaw – how many P’s? 10 and counting!!

Having been brought up over much of our corporate careers on a diet of aggressive growth, breakthrough approaches, innovative ways of market creation or changing the rules of the game and striving for market leadership with a no excuses strategy and
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How to Profitably Co-operate with Competitors

In January 1999 Konkan Railway (India) did something strange. They introduced a service that would carry their competitors on their open cars. Sleeping with the enemy… Railways and trucks compete for freight. With the launch of