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How HR Leaders In SMBs Can Make the Shift From Tactical to Strategic

Many HR practitioners who find themselves working in small or medium-sized companies share a common frustration. They complain that their time is spent playing interference between faulty management practices and disgruntled or entitled employees or
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Stop procrastinating before it stops you

Procrastination is a thief.  It robs you of the one commodity that you just can't buy back:  time.  It throws off schedules.  It replaces accomplishment with inaction.  It turns dreams into nightmares.  When faced
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6 Roadblocks To Business Resiliency — How Vulnerable Is Your Company?

Many enterprises neglect some mission-critical applications in disaster recovery plans. One reason: the “resiliency perception gap” between executives’ perceptions of their resiliency strategies and how successful these plans
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How to build a sustainable funding strategy for your business

From: Via: Speaker at : WF NEN Webinar: Building a sustainable funding strategy for your business on 7 June
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Mentoring works both ways

Anyone who doesn't understand the value of one minute hasn't been paying attention to my good friend Ken Blanchard.  Starting with his "One Minute Manager" and moving through a series of bestsellers, he has shown his millions of fans how just
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5 Areas of Focus to Avoid an Uber Culture Catastrophe

Is this the end of Uber’s bro culture? An investigation into Uber’s corporate culture, led by former U.S. attorney general Eric H. Holder Jr., has resulted in Uber’s CEO Travis Kalanick taking a
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Why Your Strategic Plan Will Never Succeed

You can have the best strategy in the world, but if you can’t execute it, you won’t achieve your mission. To help you through this process, there are key questions you should be asking to ensure success.
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Stress is a fact of life

Stress is a used, misused, abused and overused word in our daily conversations.  But what is stress, clinically speaking?  Dr. Hans Seyle, the father of Stress Management Research, said "Stress is the wear and tear on your body caused by
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15 Marketing Strategies That Inspire Strategic Thinkers

From:   By: Murray Newlands Via: 15 Marketing Strategies That Inspire