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Are Selfish Organisations Altruistic?

Recently a relative fell ill and needed immediate platelet transfusion from a live blood donor. I posted a request for a B+ donor on the mail group of our residential community. In just a couple of hours I was swamped by calls, messages, and mails
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Do you have Waigaya meetings?

Honda does. They have an established practice of spontaneous, agenda-free meetings in which people discuss problems, share facts, express opinions, challenge each other including senior colleagues, and attempt to find effective solutions. It is
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Where Do You Stand? The Shifting Ground of Strategy

From: Recommended by: Anjana Vivek   This article shares the author's thoughts on how strategy is changing with changing times He has covered large corporates and SMEs and his
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Collective Genius: The Art and Practice of Leading Innovation

From: Via: For insights on leading innovation, check out Collective Genius, coauthored by @GregBrandeau: ReviewsReviewADVANCE
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Want to Get Ahead? Stop Trying So Hard to Get Ahead.

From:   By: Seth Stevenson Via: RT @Slate: Theory: Generous people do better at work than selfish ones:
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Why Writers Need Metrics, Too

From: Via: Why Writers Need Metrics, Too keep score all the time. Political reporters track the polls. Sports writers count home
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Six Extras that Build Power and Leadership

From:   By: Rosabeth Moss Kanter Via: RT @RosabethKanter: Being a giver is powerful, especially when the gift is
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How to "Stand Out of the Crowd" in Interviews

From: Via: How to "Stand Out of the Crowd" in Interviews for digital jobs: +Bonus: 9 tips: Critical thinking skillsThe complete
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One Man's Quest To Donate Flights To People Visiting Their Dying Loved Ones Finally Comes True

From: Via: One man's quest to donate flights for people to visit loved ones who are sick: Via @carolyn_gregLast year, Matt Dimmer
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Collaboration: Where Trust is Tested over Time

From: Recommended by: Anjana Vivek   Today, many businesses work and grow through collaboration and partnerships. What are some of the do's and dont's in working with others and