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Finally A Formula - Theory of market relativity

On crossing the Tipping Point suddenly a product or an idea gains exponential momentum and incremental efforts give phenomenal returns. Before the tipping point is reached a lot of effort is required for small gains. This phenomenon was discussed in
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Transformation Of Market Opportunity For India - Part II

C.K. Prahalad  the renowned management guru who coined the term Core Competency, shares his views on how the Indian Industry can leap frog into a leadership position by taking advantage of how the markets and customers are transforming.
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Blunt To A Bluff

A peculiar and persistent dilemma in business is “How transparent can you be?” Sure “truth always prevails”, but do true intentions count more than true statements. Should one sugar coat the truth, so that true intentions
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Turnaround Strategy Simply Said

By. R. Murali who as a financial consultant and a business counselor has helped many entrepreneurs, ride through the rough patch.  Here he captures what he has experienced and seen about reaching for success from failure. Every business
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Monopolise For Profits

Any businessman’s dream of being a monopoly in a highly competitive environment can only be done by creating Value monopolies. Monopolies- Consumers hate it while entrenched businesses love it. Monopolies are what give higher profit
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The Exit Point

Exiting a business is a very difficult decision. The issue gets clouded by emotion and attachment towards the business. Is there a rational way to find out when the right time to Exit is? Being an entrepreneur and running a business venture is
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Managing Innovation

Managing Innovation                 Issue - 15            15th June 2002 The Spark - Method to the madness Clear Eye - Building a productive relationship with
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Starting and Building World-Class Enterprises

The following article is based on the speech given by Abhay Bhushan at the TiE meeting recently in Bangalore. Internet pioneer, environmentalist, entrepreneur, educator and community activist. Abhay Bhushan is a senior advisor to Crimson Ventures
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How to do smooth-as-silk corporate restructuring

Today, any professional is faced with changes, the New Economy, where fads and even carefully structured business models become obsolete at a blistering pace. I have been a party to corporate restructuring exercises taking place in various