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The Exit Point

Exiting a business is a very difficult decision. The issue gets clouded by emotion and attachment towards the business. Is there a rational way to find out when the right time to Exit is? Being an entrepreneur and running a business venture is
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Managing Innovation

Managing Innovation                 Issue - 15            15th June 2002 The Spark - Method to the madness Clear Eye - Building a productive relationship with
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Starting and Building World-Class Enterprises

The following article is based on the speech given by Abhay Bhushan at the TiE meeting recently in Bangalore. Internet pioneer, environmentalist, entrepreneur, educator and community activist. Abhay Bhushan is a senior advisor to Crimson Ventures
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How to do smooth-as-silk corporate restructuring

Today, any professional is faced with changes, the New Economy, where fads and even carefully structured business models become obsolete at a blistering pace. I have been a party to corporate restructuring exercises taking place in various