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Serving Free Lunches

Information is available at your finger tips. Sometimes one is even required to pay for it. The percentage of free sellers and paid services is 48% and 52%, respectively.   The world of information is divided equally between costs and
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A Method to the Madness

Uncertainty, turbulence, chaos; these words keep ringing when speaking of the business environment these days. The worst seemed to have been over after the collective business hibernation, which followed September 11. Business confidence was slowly
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Incy Wincy Spider...

Looking for inspiration for business strategy from Nature There is an old African saying that goes like this: “Every morning in Africa a LION wakes up. It knows it must outrun the weakest gazelle or it will starve to death
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Strategy is Bunkum! Or is it?

Understanding what it stands for might hold the answer. My friend was exasperated at the very mention of ‘strategy.’ “I do not believe in it!” He proceeded to tell me how their company had spent a lot of time and money in
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What does your visiting card say ?

It is 3.5" x 2" in size but reveals a lot and hides as much.   The visiting card is often a time spender in organizations, how should it look, what should it say, what should the designation be... are aspects of a lot of
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Distancing competition, closing in on customers

Can you predict if a new product will be a success or a failure? Most often the response I get from people is “ Who is behind this venture, and how deep are their pockets?” I personally believe that resources are required but
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Finally A Formula - Theory of market relativity

On crossing the Tipping Point suddenly a product or an idea gains exponential momentum and incremental efforts give phenomenal returns. Before the tipping point is reached a lot of effort is required for small gains. This phenomenon was discussed in
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Transformation Of Market Opportunity For India - Part II

C.K. Prahalad  the renowned management guru who coined the term Core Competency, shares his views on how the Indian Industry can leap frog into a leadership position by taking advantage of how the markets and customers are transforming.
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Blunt To A Bluff

A peculiar and persistent dilemma in business is “How transparent can you be?” Sure “truth always prevails”, but do true intentions count more than true statements. Should one sugar coat the truth, so that true intentions
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Turnaround Strategy Simply Said

By. R. Murali who as a financial consultant and a business counselor has helped many entrepreneurs, ride through the rough patch.  Here he captures what he has experienced and seen about reaching for success from failure. Every business