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Top-Line Growth Can Be Dangerous!

Working with a number of mid-sized as well as large companies as a management consultant, I have come to the unhappy conclusion that managers have an unwise preference for size. They believe revenue growth automatically improves profitability. Their
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Intel(ligent) Insight

This article is simply a reiteration of the importance of insight. If hindsight is 20/20, insight is often blurred and calls for a desire to understand the current situation, peer into the future, while learning from history. It focuses on first
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Balanced Score Card - HR perspective

The articles talks about Balanced Score Card - the tool used to execute the strategies framed by an organization. This concept requires understanding of business process and the key performance indicators in different domains where the business
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Fixed to Variable

Flexibility helps during uncertain times. Convert Fixed Cost to Variable. A friend shared a dilemma he faced. He runs the India Development Centre for a European Software company, which wanted to close its India office, and gave him an
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I Know Best! Do You?

An emerging new trend to building organisations where participation and collaboration are the keys to success..... The Traditional Organization Structure has been designed to scale up one brilliant idea that the founding team got right. People
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Profit with Ethics

 ,,, Can one run a Business Ethically and yet grow the business 30% year after year, be debt free and cash rich?  Introducing Mr. Suresh B. Hundre (65), Chairman and Managing Director of Polyhydron Private Limited (PPL), Belgaum, an
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Flexible Organisation

 How does the CEO of a company take 2 months leave without feeling the need to communicate with his team even once....? This is the power of Empowerment and here is the interesting story of Mr. Uttam Ganguly, 53, Managing Director of Bend
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Sweet Nothings

Customer Relationships are the key to sustained business. Understanding and anticipating the needs of customers are a key objective of most businesses. CRM projects fail because of mismatched expectations. Blessed is he who expects nothing, for
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Change is constant

Adopting to change is the great asset to any organization. Making small changes in the way one does business, makes world of difference to its profitability. Every organization goes through tremendous change as it grows. In fact, change is what
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Strategy for online success

Most companies believe their business will benefit from leveraging the internet, but only a precious few have succeeded in translating that belief into financial success. What separates the successful ones from the rest is having a comprehensive