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Lessons to Learn from Southwest Airlines.

Southwest Airlines has been legendry its profitable growth in a very competitive market place. It is known for high employee satisfaction, constantly being able to reduce costs, and a very friendly and happy airline crew. Southwest Airlines in its
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Radical Management

Mastering the art of continuous Innovation   “Remarkably, the return on assets for U.S. firms has steadily fallen to almost one quarter of 1965 levels…very few [workers] (20 percent) are passionate about their
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Practically Radical....Four Simple Truths About Leading Change and Making a Difference

Albert Einstein put it brilliantly: “Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them.” Some unknown Texas genius put it simply: “If all you ever do is all you’ve ever done, then all you’ll
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Gross margins will grow as you get bigger and Other Myths

There are often key assumptions that entrepreneurs make while building an enterprise, one of them is that Gross Margins will grow as you get bigger, this might be true in some situations when economies of scale are very important, however in many
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Why India desperately needs an innovation strategy ?

(The following article was published in Deccan Herald on 14-December-2010) Recently in the popular press, there was a headline story on how on a Rs 70
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Rethinking and integrating manufacturing and marketing  - the Volkswagen way! How better can innovation in production transparency get? Watch this amazing video. #avg_ls_inline_popup { padding: 0px; overflow: hidden; position: absolute; z-
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Lack of Repeat Customers - a tip of an iceberg!

While reviewing the business plan of a venture recently, one thing stood out –the venture was doing a good job in attracting new customers, but was also losing them at a significant rate. Sometime lack of repeat customers go unnoticed in
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Freemium : Is “Free” the new Price of Services ?

Freemium : Is “Free” the new Price of Services ? --Nagendra Chris Anderson the famous tech journalist states in his latest book “Free: The Future of a Radical Price” that in 1961 a single transistor cost 10 dollars
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Both “Old” and “New” are Vital to the Success of a Networking Group

A lot of people assume that referral groups and other networking organizations are only for those who are young, new to business, and hungry to grow their businesses. However, the studies don’t support that line of thinking. If fact, it has
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How New Business Models are Emerging because of Twitter etc.

Food Vans Popping up and foodies queuing up just on time, Pop-up grocery stores, sharing a ride, all of these things are starting to happen because of the convergence of social mobile and the web. Articulating this trend is Lisa Gansky, who has just