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Six Ways to Refuel Your Energy Every Day

Are you working longer hours, attending more meetings, taking shorter vacations, answering more emails and eating lunch at your desk, if you eat lunch at all? Does demand in your life just keep getting higher, so you're struggling more and
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Turning a Problem into an Opportunity

Managers have little choice about facing challenges, whether they come from competitors, economic conditions, or customer demands. However, they can choose whether they treat those challenges as problems or opportunities. Here's an
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Top 10 Tips to keep your Inbox to less than 20 emails

A question for you:  How many emails are currently in your inbox?  Go on, be honest… 20, 40, 60, 100+, A never-ending inbox of emails is the cause for long working hours, stressed out entrepreneurs and procrastination.  It
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5 Lessons From the Animal Kingdom

A wonderful article from FORBES......We all know from personal experience that the right mix of personality types is essential for the success of a group, whether it’s a project team, a committee, a department or an entire organization. Some
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How To Say No and Win More Clients as a Result

When a prospective client makes contact to book an appointment, your initial reaction I am sure is to make yourself available to them anytime and as quickly as possible because you need more business. But just stop for one minute and think
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Michael E. Porter on The Five Competitive Forces that Shape Strategy

Michael Porters's 5 Competitive Forces Model has been a favorite of those creating and teaching strategy. Often people think of Competition very narrowly, including only those players in direct competition in the industry. The Five Competitive
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Counter Strike

By the title of it, you may be wondering what this post is going to be all about.  If you haven’t heard about this PC game yet, here is the link for a clearer picture. Counter Strike is a tactical first
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Resolution Vs Planning

In the beginning of every year, we get very excited about our New Year resolutions. A few examples are, "I will avoid junk food", "I will be disciplined", "I will read everyday", "I will watch less TV", and so
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How David Beats Goliath

When underdogs break the rules. According to Malcolm Gladwell, David winning over Goliath is not and anomaly. Davids win all the time. In this article he shows how it is done....It is all about accepting your weakness and then adopting a
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Lessons to Learn from Southwest Airlines.

Southwest Airlines has been legendry its profitable growth in a very competitive market place. It is known for high employee satisfaction, constantly being able to reduce costs, and a very friendly and happy airline crew. Southwest Airlines in its