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Apple CEO Tim Cook remembers Steve Jobs in heartfelt commencement speech

Apple CEO Tim Cook turned to a familiar source when it came to offering advice to the class of 2018. Speaking at the commencement ceremony at Duke University, Cook encouraged the students in attendance to learn from the example set by Apple founder
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This Steve Jobs-Favored Education Startup Made Smart Flash Cards To Help Kids Teach Themselves

Montessorium, a maker of Montessori-inspired educational apps, is now offering 'smart flashcards' that can offer a personalized learning experience for small children.
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Apple CEO Tim Cook just dunked on Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook is Silicon Valley's punching bag du jour following the Cambridge Analytica crisis, and Apple's CEO just threw an uppercut. Asked what he would do if he was Mark Zuckerberg, Tim Cook said Wednesday: "I wouldn't be in this situation." .@
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'The next Steve Jobs' charged with 'massive fraud'

Stanford University dropout Elizabeth Holmes was once anointed "the next Steve Jobs." Sadly for the now disgraced (and soon to be former) CEO of Theranos, her "one more thing" just so happens to be getting hit with charges of "massive fraud" by the
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Smart Hiring Can Keep Your Startup From Failure

Research suggests that about 70% of venture-backed tech startups fail to thrive. Only slightly over half of all new businesses survive five years. I didn’t intend to start this article with negative stats, but it’s a hard world out there
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Steve Jobs' really bad job application up for auction

An original job application from late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs is up for auction. RR Auction Company has listed a job application from 1973 filled out, just a few years before Jobs founded Apple with Steve Wozniak in 1976. While Jobs'
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Dropbox, a company that turned down an offer from Steve Jobs in 2009, is finally going public

The place where you may or may not store and share your photos, PDFs, and other documents is going public.  Dropbox, a cloud storage company based in Silicon Valley's heart San Francisco, is listing on the Nasdaq under the stock ticker $DBX,
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4 Ways to Build an Innovative Team

It takes psychological safety, diversity, teamwork, and mission.
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7 Reasons Why Your Team Can’t Work as a Team

Everyone worships teams. But, the way most companies operate, is not helping. That’s why teamwork is sometimes an illusion. What happened to the US men’s basketball team in the 2004 Olympics took everyone by surprise. The “
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The real story behind Steve Jobs 'getting fired' from Apple

Every product here is independently selected by Mashable journalists. If you buy something featured, we may earn an affiliate commission which helps support our work. It's legend in the computer industry: In the mid '80s, Steve Jobs was ousted from