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Look Beyond the Stereotypes When Considering Benefits

As employers try to figure out what employees want most, there can be a tendency to rely on gender and generational stereotypes that often don’t meet the individual needs of employees. Our recent survey of 2,200 employees shows what a...
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People feel let down by 'The Simpsons' response to Apu stereotyping

The Simpsons has responded to the Apu stereotyping controversy, and not everyone is down with how it was handled. In the fifteenth episode of Season 29, "No Good Read Goes Unpunished," Marge reads Lisa "her favourite book ever," The Princess in the
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These girls are smashing stereotypes with their huge flame-throwing robots

A group of girls gather around the schoolyard to witness a smash-up battle of epic proportions on a rainy Saturday afternoon.The girls, along with a couple of boys, laugh, gasp, and cheer on their creations. A filing cabinet has already been smashed
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The Importance of Being Ernest: How Your First Name Can Shape Your Face

From: Via: RT @RobertCialdini: Can you guess a persons name just by looking at them? parent
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Myth vs. Reality: Four Behaviors That Define Successful Leaders

From: Via: Myth vs. Reality: Four Behaviors That Define Successful Leaders makes
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Your Performance Reviews Are Biased Against Women

Language in performance reviews often conforms to gender stereotypes that result in women and men being put on different career paths, with men being favored for leadership positions. Despite many CEOs’ intentions to prioritize gender equality