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Financing from friends and family

The possibility of availing finance from family and friends to start or expand your business venture is attractive, no doubt, but comes with several riders. We take a look at its pros and cons. If you have ever approached a bank for a loan,
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Prime Crisis

Sub Prime Crisis in the US and its impact on India The Indian economy is rising steadily and there are mixed feelings of what will happen in the short-term and long-term future. What is Sub Prime lending? Technically, money lent to
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Pirates of the Intellectual Property

Piracy is a legal crime, but this crime is some how acceptable in our society. Why the need for piracy? Is making money the only reason? Nothing happens without a reason and the same is true of piracy. Copyright is an exclusive right to access
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Investment Styles

  Warren Buffett, also known as the Oracle of Omaha (Nebraska, USA) recently donated $37bn to charity. Many must have wondered what card the Oracle played to become the greatest stock market investor of modern times and thus, amass his huge
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Can offices be run out of residential

There are clear cut zonal uses demarcated by law in Bangalore. These are defined in the C.D.P. (Comprehensive Development Plan). This plan does not cover the areas within the Corporation. Therefore the areas within the Corporation, sometimes change
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Limited Liability Companies

An easy way of having a global footprint. Companies that are keen on organic expansion with a global business model, particularly SMEs can largely gain from a recent business vehicle called Limited Liability Entities being created in the USA, UK
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Misleading Buyers

Specious companies copy similar trademarks and domain names as a way to increase their sales. By registering goods and services an authentic company can ensure legal coverage, and claim compensation under the classification of deceptive similar
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Copy Right Denied

The Indian trade mark system seems to have come of age as per the commitments made in the WTO forum. Registering your brand is the need of the hour. Failing to do so could land you in unwanted legal hassle. Infosys Technologies may be a premier
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Directors - The call of Duty

Along with the designation come tremendous responsibilities. A code of conduct has to be established to manage responsiblities and delegate duties. As more and more companies are formed more and more individuals are made directors. It is
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Get your Service Tax Update

Service Tax on IT and IT Enabled Services is the most talked about issue in the financial circles. Here is an update from our finance expert Service Tax is a tax on services as distinct from a tax on goods. It is an indirect tax, since, while it