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Conquest 2015 -BITS Pilani’s International Startup Conclave

With the development of the timeline of BITS Pilani’s International Startup Conclave, Conquest 2015 has seen enormous talent emerging from the budding entrepreneurs to revolutionize the Indian Startup Ecosystem. DCB Bank and CitrusPay
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About Conquest   Conquest is BITS Pilani’s international startup conclave which aims at encouraging the spirit of entrepreneurship in India. Conquest is a perfect launchpad for every groundbreaking idea.It explores and
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What are some startups with really unique business models (and what are they)?

From: Recommended by: Balaji Pasumarthy   Looking for business models that can transform an industry? Here is a very interesting answer to a question in Quora. Shares different business models
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How to Scale Globally- Richard Branson Recommends Naveen Tewari's Story

Richard Branson recommended Naveen Tewari's Story of InMobi. So one does need to see it. In this candid talk, Naveen shares tips, on VC funding, the phases a business goes through when scaling up, and how to have full faith in your own
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Startup Advice: How Entrepeneurs Gain Credibility

From: Via: RT @frazras: Startup Advice: How Entrepeneurs Gain Credibility - VentureBlog @davidhornik While talking with young founders in Europe
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What Makes Entrepreneurship Different.

Entrepreneurs are not a different breed of people, however how entrepreneurs go about taking decisions and building organisations is quite different from what a manager might do in a large company. In this video from MentorSquare I talk about this.
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Avoid the temptation to Hire a Large Sales Team when starting a new venture.

Sale (Photo credit: Gerard Stolk (vers le Noël)) When starting a new business one is most hungry to get sales going, however ramping up the sales team too fast can actually backfire. It takes time to figure out what is working. Which
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How To Determine Market Demand For Your Startup

From: Recommended by: Balaji Pasumarthy  By: Rahul Varshneya Nice article, this quote from Guy Kawasaki sums it up “Market research and business planning are overrated. The best
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Everyone has to start somewhere

Comedian Jim Carrey took a job as a janitor at a tire factory at age 15 when his father lost his job.  He also worked as a security guard.  To relieve his stress, he visited local comedy clubs, which instilled his love of comedy -- and
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The Micropreneur Manifesto

How to Stay Solo, Bleed Passion, and Build Products that Matter ......There has never been a better time in history to be an entrepreneur. The Internet has created an unprecedented opportunity for solo founders to create and