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IIM Bangalore Entrepreneurship Summit- Eximius’14

Bangalore, Aug 10, 2014 Eximius’14 aimed to challenge people to traverse the less trodden paths and explore non mainstream avenues of entrepreneurship. On the second day of a 2-day long summit, IIM Bangalore campus was filled with
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Conquest 2013

Rupee hits an all-time low of Rs 68 per dollar. India wakes up to a new state. A BITSian ecommerce platform sets precedent for all web-based start-ups to come by being acquired by Naspers for INR 840 crores.Conquest, BITS Pilani’s
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Are you starting your business and worried about what kind of entity to start with??

All you need to question yourself the following: 1.       The objective of doing the business? If the objective of doing your business is to “skim the cream” and make money immediately and wipe of
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10 Things to do daily for entrepreneurs

During my school days, we used to have a time-table for full day. When to study, when to play, what time to go to sleep, exercises etc. and it was a wonderful way to keep us organized and pack in more in the 24 hours. Later, we went to college and
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5 Types of people who are disgracing entrepreneurship

Nurture Talent Academy, India’s 1st institute for training entrepreneurs recently completed 1 year of its operations. I just thought to reflect what the journey has been like, and though in the past I have talked about the positive and
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Lean Startup - Process to increase the chance of success.

Most start ups fail. Then how do you increase the chances of a Startups success. In this interesting talk, Eric Ries shares that the success of a startup has more to do with Process than brilliant ideas, and shares his insights on startup success
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The road to entrepreneurship – part 3: Creating a fail-proof business model

As in the earlier parts of this series, our focus is on the bootstrap entrepreneur who may not have a fixed and firm business plan, who funds his business through modest and limited savings of his own, and has no major advantages, such as patented
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The road to entrepreneurship – part 2: preparing for the leap

In the first part of this series, we talked about all the things you don’t need, to become a successful entrepreneur (“exploding the myths…”); so now, let us focus on the things you do  need. These essentials apply all