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Polytheism vs monotheism

From: Buisness-standard By Deepak Lal Recommended by: business-standard Since the mid-1980s we used to holiday on the beaches of the Mediterranean in France, Spain and Italy, but over the last 10 years as the influx of migrants
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Ecological crisis: Point of no return?

From: Buisness-standard By Shyam Saran Recommended by: business-standard This summer has seen massive forest fires in the temperate zones of Europe and America. Temperatures in Spain have touched 47 degrees Celsius, which are more
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Activists create hidden Pride flag in Russia to protest anti-LGBTQ laws

It's illegal to display the Pride flag in Russia, but these activists found a way around that in the form of a secret flag made from football jerseys.  SEE ALSO: A man helped his friend clear out her attic and ended up discovering a trove of
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Spain's new female-dominated government has just made history

Spain's new government has only just been sworn in, but it's already made history. That's because the women in this cabinet outnumber the men.  King Felipe VI of Spain swore in the new government on Thursday, with women occupying 11 of the 17
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This whale was killed by 64 pounds of trash

About 64 pounds of plastic trash killed a young sperm whale that washed up in southeast Spain, according to scientists.  The whale, whose body landed in Cape Palos on Feb. 27, most likely died because it couldn't digest the plastic trash, fish
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The UAE: Poised to Become a Leader In HR Analytics

Within the Middle East region, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) combines a large economy with an attractive growth rate and high levels of personal income. In fact, the country can boast a higher nominal GDP per capita than South Korea...
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Landmarks around the world light up for International Women's Day

Cities worldwide have outfitted their buildings with magenta lights to commemorate women on International Women's Day.  Here are some of the globe's most iconic landmarks, honoring women with bright lights and projected messages. Spain Madrid
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This dance company is redefining gender norms

Project 44 is an all-male dance company in New York City founded by Gierre Gotley in 2010. For the past 8 years, the dancers have been touring the world, from Spain to Cuba, presenting original dances with themes ranging from the current political
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Woman gets email rejecting her for a job because she's not a man

Finding out you didn't meet the requirements for a job you wanted is always tough to hear.  But, a company in Spain is facing an almighty backlash after it sent a candidate an email telling her she didn't get hired because she isn't a man. SEE