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In front of Congress, Facebook defends its decision on InfoWars

For the second time in less than a week, Facebook is facing uncomfortable questions about why it continues to allow InfoWars and other conspiracy theory-slinging groups to have a presence on its platform. During a House Judiciary Committee hearing
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Grim space photo shows the horror of demolishing forests

While orbiting some 250 miles above Madagascar this week, International Space Station astronaut Ricky Arnold captured a grim picture of the island's decimated land.  Madagascar's forests have been nearly logged to death, with nearly 90 percent
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Sister Helen Prejean's Twitter account is proof that the world still has good in it

Caring people in 2018 spend a lot of time alternating between rage and total dissociation. Personally, there's nothing I love more than watching my soul stand outside my broken little body while it reads Twitter. It's ...  unhealthy. And as
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The Rock says he doesn't have time to run for president in 2020

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has been pretty clear about his interest in running for president in 2020 — but apparently, he's taking it all back.  After months of speculation, the actor told Vanity Fair on Tuesday that a bid for the White
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Check out this incredible video of the Southern Lights from space

German astronaut Alexander Gerst captured an amazing timelapse of the Aurora Australis, aka the Southern Lights, glittering from the International Space Station.  The video shows 38 seconds of electric green lights dancing energetically to the
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We made a bracket to help you pick the greatest Chris movie of all time

Welcome to Chris-mas in July, a week-long celebration of our four favorite Hollywood Chrises. We'll be analyzing old movies, digging deep into past roles, and exploring everything there is to know about Evans, Hemsworth, Pine and Pratt. We hope this
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Instagram gets group video chat, so we can all waste even more time in its app

Just in case you needed another excuse to spend more time in Instagram, you can now add the photo-sharing service to the list of apps that support group video calls.  Instagram is rolling out its group video chat features starting today, along
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Facebook also wants to show you how much time you spend in its app

It looks like Facebook may soon be able to nudge you to spend less time in its app.  The company appears to be testing a new feature that shows statistics about "your time on Facebook," which could help remind users to take breaks from the app
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Stunning space photo shows orange glow of the Kilauea volcano from orbit

From the ground, the erupting Kilauea volcano on Hawaii's Big Island looks like a hellish mouth opening up, revealing the Earth's depths.  But from space, the volcano takes on a different look.  NASA astronaut Ricky Arnold snapped a photo