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Comparing Top Diversity Sourcing Tools

I’ve been interested in diversity sourcing for many years now. I’ve helped build sourcing teams and have created sourcing strategies designed to address diversity challenges at several companies, including Fannie Mae, Starbucks, and
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2 Geeky Tools to Manage Your Sourcing Tasks

I will show you two excellent geek tools to manage your sourcing tasks. This is an excellent tutorial if you are learning to code or if you want to elevate your technical abilities. These are not ten excellent tools or...
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Another New Update For Our Favorite Facebook Sourcing Tool

At SourceCon, we love our free tools! After each SourceCon conference, the news of the latest and greatest free tools are spread quickly over social media. For those of you who actually thought, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, think...
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The Power of a Proactive Strategy in Sourcing – A #SourceCon Royale Preview

Do you remember the movie “The Matrix” where Morpheus was seeking “The One” and found the amazing hero Neo who made a difference in the war against the machines? It is a wonderful movie. I could watch it over and...