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#SourceCon Presents – The Wonderful World Of Chrome Extensions – Volume 18

It’s obvious that most recruiters and sourcers have a love affair with sourcing tools. There has been a high demand for sourcing tools and extensions. Many sourcing tools come and go, yet the market is undoubtedly hot for an
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It’s Time for a New Champion! Are You Ready? Everything You Need to Know to Master the #SourceCon GrandMaster Challenge

It was only a few months ago when Cyndy Davis was crowned our 2018 SourceCon Grandmaster Champion. She will keep her title for a few more months, but it’s time to begin round one of our 2019 Grandmaster Challenge. The...
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5:30 AM at #SourceCon

It’s 5:30 AM on Monday on the first day of whatever time zone this SourceCon might be located and I’m walking the halls of the event. The venue looks so large before sunrise before most of the attendees have left...
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A Different Reason for Appreciating #SourceCon

Not many people have attended more SourceCons than I have. I had the honor of presenting at the very first one in 2007 and many since. And the further honor of SourceCon accepting my proposals to add two different tracks...
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#SourceCon Plans 8 Chapter Meetups in September

Have you heard the great news? SourceCon is going local! The SourceCon community is larger than ever, and it is expanding into local chapter meetups and events. If you ever wanted to know what the SourceCon community is all about, I
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Sourcing, #SourceCon, and You

If you’re reading this article, then you’re likely either a recruiter or a sourcer.  If you’re a recruiter, then you’re likely fortunate enough to have sourcing support, or you’re tasked with doing your own
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Why It Is Good to Share Your Knowledge

SourceCon Budapest 2018 was a first SourceCon conference in Europe and one amazing event. This conference is built by amazing people who like to share, and because I also like to share choosing the topic for my speech was a...
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What #SourceCon Europe Was Really About: Famiglia – and Livesteam Links to the Presentations

Earlier this year I attended my first SourceCon. I flew to Vegas, alone, to find out what everyone over there was doing. Going to a conference alone, on the other side of the world is quite exciting. I didn’t know...
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3 Things That Surprised Me at #SourceCon Europe

On 12-13 of June, I attend the first SourceCon Europe conference, which was also my first SourceCon Conference. I was both excited and curious to go there and to see how such a high-level conference looks like in reality. In this...
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Your Local #SourceCon Chapter – a Community Expands to Local Reach

“If you build it, he will come.” Field of Dreams was always a favorite movie of mine, and this quote is referring to the baseball field a farmer built out in the middle of an open prairie was referring to...