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TurboTax, Quicken, QuickBooks, and more tax software on sale

Filing your taxes can be complicated and tedious. While April 15 may still feel like the distant future, the truth is that many people will wait until the last minute to finish their taxes just under the wire.  However, there are some people
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Google to personalize audio-based news over assistant software

Listening to the news over a Google Home smart speaker is going to get more useful. On Thursday, Google announced a new effort to personalize the audio news feed available through the company's digital assistant software. The goal behind the project
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Owner of Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent announces partnership with Apple to build apps

The international luxury group that owns brands such as Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, and Balenciaga — Kering — announced today that it's working with Apple to create apps for sales associates to track inventory and more. In a statement
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Driving apps pulled from Google Play for reportedly installing Android malware over 560,000 times

As many as 13 games available to download in the Google Play Store were actually Android malware and downloaded more than 560,000 times, a security researcher said this week. SEE ALSO: Here’s how malicious Android apps are sneaking malware
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Apple's holiday ad is inspirational, but barely includes any Apple products

This year's Apple holiday ad is an animated story meant to inspire you to "Share Your Gifts," meaning your creativity, skills, and art.  It's also meant to inspire you to buy someone you love a creativity-inspiring device like the new iPad Pro
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The iOS Google Photos app can now do what some iPhones can't

Photo shots fired! Google announced an update to its Photos app for iOS on Monday. Now, iPhone users can edit the background blur and focus of portrait mode images within the Google Photos iOS app. Customized portraits, here you come! SEE ALSO: Does
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7 creative ways to organize your mobile apps

Try to find the Notes app on your phone — without using Spotlight search. If you've spent more than a minute hunting for this across your home screens, you may want to consider organizing your iPhone for easy access. With thousands of apps at
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7 intense foreplay apps to get your juices flowing

Some people say sex and smartphones don’t mix. But hear me out. No longer an intimacy killer, foreplays apps will turn your smartphone into your new favorite sex toy.  From controlling a vibrator, to helping you talk dirty, exploring each
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Get creative with Amazon's Black Friday UK sale on photo, video, and music software

It's good to have a creative outlet in your adult life. As kids, we run around splashing things with paint, building little cities, and making a lot of noise. But as we grow older, these opportunities to get creative start to diminish, and many of