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This $19 app helps you easily add video and animations to your presentations

There's a reason why video content is king when it comes to online engagementVisuals that incorporate movement and noise (like videos, animations, images, audio, and music) pack a lot more of a punch than simple text. SEE ALSO: Learn C programming
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Microsoft Windows Notepad app gets first update in years

There's good news for people who still use Windows Notepad: For the first time in years, big changes are coming to the app — and some of those changes are all thanks to you. Windows announced yesterday that the next Windows 10 update will
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This crash course on UX/UI design can help you build beautiful websites and apps

So you have a million-dollar app idea? That's awesome! Oh, did you say you have kickass programming skills to turn it into a reality, too? Amazing! Now, all there is left to do is to design your app to look aesthetically pleasing and make it so easy
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Holding weed? Your Uber driver can get you banned from the app

Your Uber driver is not your friend. In fact, they may very well be narcing on you right now — and you could get banned from the ride-hail app as a result. The company's Community Guidelines strictly prohibit "bringing open containers of
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Human labor is propping up some companies’ fake AI software

From: Via: RT @techreview: Human labor is propping up some companies’ fake AI software
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Planagram is an app to help marketers get the most out of Instagram

Nobody wants to admit it, but most Instagram users know the optimal time to post a photo and get the biggest ego boost. It's also known as Insta Prime Time, and it's that period of the day when one can acquire the highest engagement rate (AKA
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Push notification short stories are a thing now thanks to this app

Your smartphone's notifications might already be clogged with junk, but what about a short story instead? Serial Box, an iOS app for serving up serialized fiction on devices, announced in a blog post that it's launching something called Microfiction
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Why Snapchat may soon let you play games in its app

Snapchat is starting to look increasingly more like old Facebook. In a bizarre twist of events, it looks like Snap is now embracing a strategy that's not unlike Facebook's playbook circa 2010. SEE ALSO: Snapchat's newest feature aims to create 'a
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Instagram gets group video chat, so we can all waste even more time in its app

Just in case you needed another excuse to spend more time in Instagram, you can now add the photo-sharing service to the list of apps that support group video calls.  Instagram is rolling out its group video chat features starting today, along
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Google Measure app is available (but glitchy) on even more phones

Even more Android users can now measure things with their phones. Google Measure — or what is essentially a virtual measuring tape in an app — is now compatible with any device that runs ARCore, Google's platform for building augmented