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Spinning loot of public money as success story

From: Buisness-standard By Debashis Basu Recommended by: business-standard A month ago when Bhushan Steel was sold to Tata Steel, there were loud rounds of self-congratulation by government ministers and advisors about the fact
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6 Tactics That Project Authority

“Authority is 20 percent given, 80 percent taken.” ~ Peter Ueberroth former commissioner of Major League Baseball Words to live by if you are, or are planning to be, a leader. But how precisely do we ‘take’ or acquire
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Status in a Group Affects Generosity Toward the Group

From: Via: RT @RobertCialdini: Generosity to others is affected by whether your status is deserved.
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Bureaucracy, success and the status quo

Every organization or project that succeeds begins to erect a bureaucracy around that success, because keeping success from going away is a basic need. When you show up offering change, understand that the status quo isn't the enemy of the... 
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A little insecurity helps make a generous donor

From: Via: A little insecurity helps make a generous donor people don’t always turn
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OFCCP Issues Final Rule on Sex Discrimination

Yesterday, the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) announced publication of its long-awaited final rule on sex discrimination. This rule, in the form of regulations, updates the OFCCP’s 1970 guidance on this topic. The final
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Why We Absolve Successful People — and Companies — of Bad Behavior

From: Via: Why We Absolve Successful People — and Companies — of Bad Behavior prepare
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Human sacrifice used to maintain power

From: Via: Human sacrifice used to maintain power - World - NZ Herald News by @nzherald https
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We Aren't Busier. So Why Do We Think We Are?

I was purchasing a sandwich in a cafe recently when the clerk asked me this: "How has your day been so far? Busy?"The truth is that I had just woken up from a nap. It wasn’t a particularly busy day. Yet "busy" is the modern equivalent of "good," and
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