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The Importance of Being Ernest: How Your First Name Can Shape Your Face

From: Via: RT @RobertCialdini: Can you guess a persons name just by looking at them? parent
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Cialdini Asks: Amy Cuddy

From: Via: To kick off the #CialdiniAsks series, I'm excited to share my conversation with @amyjccuddy! Check it
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The Worst Part of Keeping a Secret

From:   By: Julie Beck Via: The average person is keeping 13
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Cialdini Asks: Amy Cuddy

Cialdini Asks is a series of video interviews in which I ask experts in behavioral science about the journey that spurred their literary and academic work: how they wrote about it for a larger and more popular audience, the aspects of
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Robert Cialdini on how persuasion works in business and politics (transcript)

From: Via: Nice interview for Financial Times and a transcript too! is available on
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The Science of Good Salesmanship

From: Via: The Science of Good Salesmanship Hoffeld, CEO of the Hoffeld Group, a
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Showing Off Your Sense Of Humour At Work Can Make You Seem More Competent

From:   By: Patrick Allan Via: