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The perils of being anti-social

"Is social media a fad or is it the biggest shift since the Industrial Revolution?" asks Erik Qualman, author ofSocialnomics.  Consider these statistics he presents, and my analysis of them, and then decide how connected you should be
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Networking Keys – Opening the Door to Relationships

When you tell entrepreneurs that relationships are the “key” to developing a personal and professional network, they often smile and acknowledge the concept without fully appreciating its true meaning.  Let me put this notion
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A Strategy for Blogging - Give others something they want to share

The real secret is to post things that others want to share either here, on Twitter, on Facebook, on Slideshare, on Linkedin, on Xing, on Viadeo, on their blog, on their profile wherever their favourite place to tell their friends is be they their
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Shuffle your Cards. Get a new break.

“Cards of Change” is a transit portal for people who get the pink slip. It was launched recently by a small team that left TBWA/Chiat/Day in Los Angeles, California. Tom Van Daele, former creative director atTBWA/Chiat/Day, and
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Networking... Relationship builder exercise

Let's do a small exercise. Sit back for a minute and think of all those people who have made a difference in your life. Be it in a big or a small way.    Is your list ready? Who are the people in it? Do your parents, teachers,
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Making Social Network Portals work

Nothing grabs more attention at any business meet these days than two things. One, the never ending tale of how the plunging economy is devastating business, and two, how does one cut costs. Firms are slowly ( and painfully ) realizing that every
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Social Networking on the Move

India's premier social networking portal today goes mobile with the launch of its mobile optimized platform. The newly launched mobile version can be accessed at The mobile platform has all the popular
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Web 2.0 Expo at Calfiornia and ZCubes

  The success of Web 2.0 conference in Bangalore recently did one thing for sure. It created a lot of awareness about the  concept web 2.0. As wiki puts it, web 2.0 is a refers to a perceived second-generation of Web based communities
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Social Network to Knowledge Communities – a Corporate Journey

  In conversation with Raj Datta, General Manager, Knowledge Management, MindTree Consulting Ltd. Bangalore. Here, Raj elucidates the journey undertaken to create knowledge communities from social networks. The science and the art of it.
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Network your way to success

Online networking has picked up so much that if you're not doing it, you're quite literally out, or close to being so! What is it about online networking, and social and business networking sites that has taken our global net savvy community