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Facebook's former security chief stands up for the social network, calls for change

Facebook's former chief security officer is defending the social network amid the fallout from the New York Times’ bombshell report on the company this past week. Alex Stamos, who was the company’s CSO from 2015 up until the summer of
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Blockchain Social Networks Aren’t Ready to Transform Recruiting

Blockchain technology has gained a lot of traction in recent years. Now it’s being used to create social networks, including Sapien, Steemit, Sola, Dock, Indorse, and others. As with most new platforms, the hype is starting to get deafening,
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Facebook reiterates it's not the only one targeting you with ads online

Facebook has been firmly under the spotlight about how it uses people's data, but the platform wants to make one thing clear: It's not the only company doing so. On Monday, the social network posted an explainer on how it collects your data through
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Removing Richard Spencer from Facebook is a gesture, not a fix

After a long month and an even longer week for Facebook, the social network is taking publicity-friendly steps to scrub hateful views from its platform. Two pages associated with the prominent white nationalist Richard Spencer were removed on Friday
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Effort in the face of near-certain rejection

Every day, we shoot for unlikely outcomes. We send out our resume, pitch our book, ask for a donation, swipe right on a social network... There are two ways you can go: ONE: Realize that the odds are against you,...     
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Citizens of the world: Your Facebook News Feed is now local

Facebook is committed to delivering local news to readers around the world.  The social network announced in January that it would update its News Feed to prioritize local news. At the time, the update was only for U.S. users. Today, Facebook's
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Facebook admits splitting the News Feed in two was a dumb idea

Facebook just did something it very rarely does: admit it was wrong. The social network is officially ending both iterations of its "Explore Feed" feature, which created two separate feeds for users. SEE ALSO: How to turn off Facebook's new face
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Prepare to see everyone's to-do lists on Facebook now

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Facebook looking at behaviour to weed out fake accounts

From: Hindustan Times Recommended by: Hindustan times Facebook on Wednesday said it has started weeding out bogus accounts by watching for suspicious behaviour such as repetitive posts or torrents of messages.The security improvement
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Bro do you even stream CrossFit strikes deal with Facebook Live

From: Mashable By Kerry Flynn Recommended by: Mashable Competitive CrossFit is coming to your Facebook.CrossFit and Facebook announced a new deal for the social network to stream live events from the fitness company. The new