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How a deaf, blind Harvard graduate is influencing Apple

Texting a friend when you're in the same room isn't that unusual. But interviewing someone over text when you're staring them in the eyes doesn't feel right.  For Haben Girma, communicating with keyboards is simply a necessity. Girma, 29, is
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The Science of Persuasion: How to Influence Consumer Choice

From: Via: Cialdini has synthesized years of research on social influence into six universal principles
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Principles of Persuasion

From: Via: Principles of Persuasion Workshop is coming to #Singapore 2-3 Oct 2017. Don’t miss out. Seating is
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The Power of Influence & Persuasion

From: Via: RT @abbeysbookshop: Dr Robert Cialdini is appearing in Sydney very soon #business #
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Can psychology influence the way we recycle?

From:   By: Jacopo Prisco Via: Can a misspelled name on a cup cause
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Principles of Influence

From:   By: Larry Mullins Via: Nice write-up from Furniture World
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Influenced or Influencer? Take This Quiz to Find Out.

Today and every day for the rest of our lives, we will be targets of salespeople, marketers, advertisers, fundraisers and (heaven knows) politicians who want to move us in their direction. And they’ll be good at it, because they’ve
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Pre-suaded to Learn with Robert Cialdini

From:   By: Jackie Harman Via: RT @RobertCialdini: Listen
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Quiz: Are you a sucker or an influence master?

From: Via: #PREsuasion is not magic, but almost, See how it works by taking my @PBS quiz: