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Social publisher LittleThings shuts down, citing Facebook algorithm changes

From humble beginnings as a blog for a pet food venture, in four years LittleThings accrued millions of followers and views on its social platforms through feel-good content. But the publisher announced that it would be no more on Tuesday, putting
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Social Influences Affect Your New Employee's Safety Behavior

From:   By: Brian Dishman Via: Social Influences Affect Your New
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Something is up with 'A Wrinkle in Time' social reactions

The first screenings for Disney's A Wrinkle in Time took place on Tuesday, and the reaction has been – well, kind of absent. That isn't to say that reactions are particularly bad, but for the most part, critics and audiences have stayed silent
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Your social thermometer

Would you rather be the smartest person in the room or the least informed? If you're the smartest, you can generously teach others. On the other hand, if you're the least informed and hungry to level up, you couldn't ask...    
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Predictive Analytics for Social Sourcing

Technology is leading the way in the 21st century and as sourcing experts, we must use it to our advantage. As a follow up to “The Importance of Research In Sourcing,” I would like to introduce the importance of social sourcing in
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Does Facebook’s New Feature Negatively Impact Personalization?

I have been asked recently to provide my opinion on the biggest customer service challenges affecting organizations today. My number one answer is that consumers want to do business with companies that provide personalized service delivery.  How can
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8 Economic Fun Facts About Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms are a wealth of information, from what your best friend had for
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Social Media Tips to Kickstart Your Kickstarter

Whether you want to raise money to create the best independent film of all time, or you have a
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Adoptions Becoming More Socialized

Just like everything around us, adoption is becoming more socialized – with social