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How Repetitive Training Creates Mastery and Magic

The most powerful way to master a skill is the one thing most people seek to avoid: Practice. Practice? Practice?! Yes, Allan Iverson from 2002…we’re talking about practice. Specifically, the character-building process of repetition.
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It’s Not About Years of Experience but About Skills

If we start reading job advertisements from various industries, we will see that the employers require experience in most of these ads. We see things like “at least five-plus years’ experience,” “ten-plus years’
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Celebrate Pokémon Day with a new Alexa skill

Pokémon Day, the holiday that celebrates all things Pokémon, arrives on Feb. 27.  In honor of your favorite collectible friends and their special day, Pokémon Company International is releasing a Pikachu-themed app for
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This smart cat shows off his skills with his favorite game

Cats are the perfect predator, and have a knack for deterring rodents and hunting down pests.  In Gilbert's case, he can always find a bell.  SEE ALSO: Finally, an automatic food and water dispenser for your cat Redditor Dingingdonging
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Firefighters rescue a dog stuck on a frozen river with incredible scooching skills

Usually firefighters are more in the cat-saving game, but it seems they can make an exception for good dogs. SEE ALSO: This machine plays fetch with your dog for you On Wednesday, firefighters from the Tulsa Fire Department came to the aid of a dog
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Learn how machine learning can benefit your financial trading skills by taking this online class

Heads up: All products featured here are selected by Mashable's commerce team and meet our rigorous standards for awesomeness. If you buy something, Mashable may earn an affiliate commission. Financial markets are a tricky beast. Depending on what
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Interviewing Sourcers – Hire The Person, Not The Skill

You’ve just completed your interviews, and now it’s time to decide. Which candidate do you hire as the new sourcer for your team? I have gone back and forth on this debate, teetering between choosing technology expertise and industry
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Five Critical Career Skills that will Guarantee Your Success

The Critical Career Skills IQ Matrix will help you develop key critical skills for success in any field of endeavor. The mind map breaks down specifically the fundamental skills you need to reach the heights in your business or professional career.