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Problem-Free Engineering

Tomoo Sugiyama , Director at Yamaha Motor company defined a new approach to improvement activity. He called it Problem-free Engineering. Sociological research proves that any idea can be popularized by  presenting it in the form of  a
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Value ,Value-add and Non-Value add in the context of LEAN THINKING

 Value is the starting point in Lean thinking.  It is important to know who defines value , what is value-add and non-value add? Value is defined by the customer .It could be the quality of product, the price that he pays for or the on
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What is LEAN?

What is LEAN? – is a question asked often by individuals across all the levels of the organization with a great deal of curiosity. This article is an attempt to answer this question and cite the attributes of LEAN organizations  
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How Six Sigma Impacts HR

Typically when we talk of improvements and breakthrough in companies we always focus on Operations, and in the manufacturing sector it is the shop floor and related activities.  Quite often it appears that organizations keep these initiatives
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Six sigma helps cut costs

Cutting down on waste and variation means costs will also drop. Explains....Pradeep Kumar E T, Country Manager - Operational Excellence, Tyco Electronics Corporation India Pvt Ltd. Excerpts from his talk...   He says that first of
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Pull- don’t Push

Pull system brings a host of benefits including reduced inventory, which lead to reduced lead time to manufacture. In a pull system parts move one piece at a time or few pieces at a time and this prevents scrap in case of any quality issues. The
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Celebrate Change

Celebrate Change                           Issue 74                     
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Managing the Pipeline

“I used to have everyone I needed in my business unit,” she told me. “But then we reorganized in the interest of efficiency, and all of my software people were moved into a central group. Before the reorganization, I had a great software architect
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Why the Lean in Lean Six Sigma?

A free-wheeling mid-sized company ran smack up against the Sarbanes-Oxley Act a few months ago and found that it had to pause and take stock.[1] The company commissioned a small team to map out every place that financial data moved, and to no one’s
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People, the key to quality

Investment in quality assurance and human resource insures high business standards Recently our doctor referred my wife to a leading lab at Bangalore for a blood check. After the test, the lab report indicated that she would have to be on