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BCIC Goes Informal

  Bangalore Chamber of Industry and Commerce was formerly known as Greater Mysore Chamber of Industry. BCIC has ambitious plans to double the membership in the current year. The newly elected President of BCIC, Venkat Kedlaya has wisely
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Single Brand Retail

FDI and ‘Single Brand Retail’    There are no philanthropist companies nor philanthropist investors they are all of the same kind, with the objective of making money be it for themselves, or their owners and their
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The Generalist strategy builder

                                  It's Tuesday morning, and I'm reading "The
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The Pusillanimity of Indian Reforms   Jay Srinivasan     Bold economic reforms, world over, have been precipitated by one of two conditions: a crisis state of economic collapse or ruin, or a state of high growth
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lottory scams

Does anyone know if the e mails annoucing that you have won a lottory in euros or dollars is genuine or not? Vatsala
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Assumptions of the 40 odd nations in the Nuclear Supplier Group that they can supply nuclear fuel only to signatories of Nuclear non Proliferation Treaty may turn out to be outdated. At present NSG is a committed entity unable to free itself. Soon
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Work Life balance - The Myth of Quality Time

Once in Animal Kingdom, the animals met to complain about the humans. The cow said, “They take away my milk!” The sheep cribbed about her wool being taken. The hen was upset that her eggs are taken by humans. The horse complained about
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Major Changes in Company Law filing procedures ( E-filing )

The Ministry of Company Affairs (MCA) has launched a major e-Governance initiative 'MCA 21'. On its implementation all documents needs to be filed electronically with the Registrar of Companies through the MCA portal. Hence, the old forms
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Bangalore Bites Biotech - Muses Agri-Food Processing

India is the second largest producer of food in the world with 600 million tons each year but only two per cent of the fruits and vegetables get into the food processing industry. Unless you start from the farmer, it is not possible to develop the
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Using Big company practices

Most successful large IT companies’ world over run selectively after business and see that their hit ratio (nos. of businesses secured to quotes or proposals submitted) is 1/3 or better.  How can this be done? Most of these companies use