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A well groomed person makes an immediate impact and also shows that he/she means business.......

A well groomed person makes an immediate impact and also shows that he/she means business.......


Namrata G , Fashion Designer, Kairos


The one thing you always leave behind is your impression, so what is it that you want to leave behind. I'm sure many a time you've gone to a place and felt ‘I'm not dressed right for this place, I should have called the host and found out the dress code' or ‘I should have given a little more thought about what I'm going to wear'. And at the back of your mind you're so intimidated that you're not fitting into the corpus so you hide somewhere. All this just because you're not prepared.


I don't say dressing is the most important aspect. I know many people who do not care how they dress but still have made an impact on the world, as they believe in themselves. If you go to the super market, with so many products around, you pick up the best looking product, packed perfectly well. But you will pick it a second time, only when the ingredients satisfy you and you see value in the product. If the ingredients do not provide the value you are looking for, then you go back to your old product. Likewise with people, it's not just the packaging (outer appearance) but also your inner strength and belief that is going to add to the personality. So even if you are wearing a Versace or an Armani, if the hanger is of no value, the garment is of no value. So remember always to make yourself the most priceless hanger.


Lets look at the world of fashion, Vijay Mallya has a style of his own, he is a fashion icon, who else can wear a Canary Yellow suit and carry it off. Look at Dr. Abdul Kalam, you can identify him with his hair, does he care about what he wears, he does not have to, he has made his mark. Look at Maharani Gayatri Devi, she is always in Pearls and Chiffon sarees, she has created a signature style for herself.


You make an impression when you touch the life of another, so be aware of those around you.



What are the 3 basics of making an impression?


The first of course is the way you are 'Dressed'. Second is the way you ‘Behave' and the third is the way you ‘Communicate'. Are you fully prepared for a meeting, some people fumble in their pockets trying to pull out their business card and that leaves a very poor impression. You need to be prepared before you go for an occasion, how you walk into the room also matters, don't wander into the room, be direct and ask for the person you are to meet. If it is a social gathering or a party, call up the host earlier and find out the dress code, is it formal or a casual dress code, so you blend in well.


When you first meet a person, give a firm handshake. The first few minutes of meeting are crucial; if you mess it up and create a wrong impression it takes effort to undo it. The opportunity might be the only one you have; it may be an interview or a business deal of a lifetime.


Don't forget the golden words, 'Please' and ‘Thank you'. Avoid inappropriate words at all costs. Some of the impression killers are Sloppy language, untimely bursts of giggling, Inappropriate touching, Hiding your hands while in conversation with someone, Gum Chewing and Throat Clearing, all these either show nervousness or lack of confidence.


Be impeccably groomed and I don't mean expensive, high fashion clothes. If you are well groomed, it shows that you value yourself, your hair is in place, your nails are cut, and you've matched your accessories properly. Spend a few minutes to plan your appearance, go through your whole day, visualize the people you are meeting through the day and plan your dress for the day. Spend time to select the colour that enhances your appearance.


Carry a good Pen; wear a good tie and a good watch. Invest in good accessories, people who have good taste will acknowledge it. So go ahead and make a Good impression.


Namrata G is a name synonymous with the fashion Industry.  She has been in business since 1994, with an MBA from Symbiosis, and a degree from a design school in Bangalore. She started in a small way from her home, In 2000 she launched her flagship store ‘Khairos', 2 years later she branched out into menswear with her second store, ‘Man by Nam'.


She was speaking at a Panel Discussion organized by Businessgyan and TASMAC  on the topic ‘First Impressions'.  


Compiled by Ms. Mangal D Karnad for Businessgyan.

Issue BG90 Sept 08