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Happy summer from this 'Stranger Things' teaser of Steve serving ice cream

Our first hint of Stranger Things 3 is mostly full of strangers – and one new face. In a commercial for the new mall in Hawkins (just in time for the end of the world!) we catch up with Steve (Joe Keery) and new character Robin (Maya Thurman-
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Build-A-Bear's 'Pay Your Age' day was an absolute disaster

Build-A-Bear Workshop is a childhood staple, but according to some angry parents, it's just going to remind their children of a horrible day at the mall.  The toyshop ran a one-day promotion on Thursday, promising customers that they could pay
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RIP Claire's, the purest store in any mall

As a child, when my mom finally let me roam the mall alone with friends, the first and only stop that mattered was Claire's. The hip AF store was the go-to place for accessories you definitely didn't need, and jewelry that was very, very cheap and ~
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Can Security Staff Enforce Your Service Excellence Brand?

Everywhere you look there are more security personnel. This is one reality we share all around the world. In airports, hotels, shopping malls, schools, corporations and public spaces, we see an increasing number of security personnel among
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E-tailing shows promise, to post 35% growth in 5 years

From: Via: E-tailing shows promise, to post 35% growth in 5 years | Business Standard News’s e-commerce industry is
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16 depressing photos of a dead American mall Business Insiderdead American mallNicholas Eckhartphotos

From: Via: 16 depressing photos of a dead American mall what you wanted to see, and there’s a blog with photos like this, as well