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My 4 Best Takeaways From the Annual SHRM Conference

Since the close of the SHRM 2018 Annual Conference and Exposition last month, I’ve been reflecting on the experience. I was proud to represent my team, as well as the HR industry, at SHRM18. Full disclosure: my SPHR and my...
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Facebook seems to have a new favorite word: Transparency

In the midst of Facebook's biggest public relations crisis ever, the social media behemoth wants everyone to know that it's going to start taking transparency very, very seriously. That new commitment, the company explained, starts with changing its
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How to Change a Selfish Person's Stripes

From:   By: Adam Grant Via: was the nice
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Sheryl Sandberg at MIT commencement: 'It's hard knowing that you let people down'

Sheryl Sandberg hopes future business leaders can learn from Facebook's recent failures. Speaking at MIT's commencement ceremony Friday, the Facebook COO spoke about the company's recent struggles and encouraged graduates not to make the same "
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Mark Zuckerberg hints at a paid version of Facebook

Among the "Yes, Senators" and "No, Senators" in Mark Zuckerberg's congressional testimony, the Facebook CEO may have dropped a breadcrumb about a big change for his company: a paid version of Facebook.  Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT) grilled Mark
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Sheryl Sandberg desperately tries to soften Facebook’s image before Congressional hearings

Sheryl Sandberg has been on a big media tour ahead of her boss's first-time appearance in Congress next week. She's interviewed with digital media outlets, television networks, and radio shows, and she's spoken many words. SEE ALSO: Facebook's
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Facebook totally regrets threatening to sue the journalists who broke Cambridge Analytica story

This week Mark Zuckerberg is all about contrition. Last week? Not so much.  While the Facebook CEO continues his non-apology apology tour in an effort to stop the Cambridge Analytica-related bleeding, his company had a very different take on
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Mark Zuckerberg says he's open to regulation of Facebook on CNN

Perhaps Facebook should be regulated. That’s what Mark Zuckerberg said in a rare TV interview on Wednesday night. “I actually am not sure we shouldn't be regulated," Zuckerberg told CNN’s Laurie Segall in a pre-taped interview.