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Film academy president accused of sexual harassment

Months into the reckoning of Hollywood, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (the group behind the Oscars) is looking into its own leadership. John Bailey, who was elected president of the organization last year, is being investigated for
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Jennifer Lopez speaks out about her own sexual harassment #MeToo experience

We've learned that no amount of star power protected women in entertainment from the industry's pervasive sexual harassment problem. Even triple threat Jennifer Lopez dealt with her own #MeToo experience. In a Harper's Bazaar profile, Lopez
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Can I Immediately Fire a VP Based on Sexual Harassment Allegations?

Dear Littler: I am a senior HR manager at a mid-sized company. One of our female team members just reported her manager, a vice president, for inappropriate conduct. She claims that what started out as mild flirtation on his part has...
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Ryan Seacrest will still host E!'s Oscar red carpet, despite new details on sexual misconduct allegations

E! is standing by Ryan Seacrest, even after the sexual harassment allegations against him resurfaced in his alleged victim's account of events were published in a recent Variety article. An E! spokesperson confirmed to Mashable that the well-known
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Jeffrey Tambor officially fired from 'Transparent' following sexual harassment allegations

Actor Jeffrey Tambor has officially been fired from Amazon's Transparent over claims of sexual harassment, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Amazon investigated the harassment claims of Tambor's former assistant Van Barnes and costar Trace
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'13 Reasons Why' book author kicked out of group following sexual harassment allegations

Updated 1:58 p.m.: A Netflix spokesperson told Mashable "Jay Asher was not involved in the second season of 13 Reasons Why. The upcoming season will not be impacted in any way." 13 Reasons Why author Jay Asher was expelled from a writing
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Does Your Insurance Cover You Against Sexual Harassment Claims?

The last few months have brought seemingly unending news detailing allegations of sexual impropriety against politicians, celebrities, the news media, and other public figures. As a wave of victims march forward and social movements such as the