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Customers feast on great service

How much would you pay for an egg?  Fifty cents?  Two dollars?   How about $6,000? That’s how much it cost one restaurant in Newport Beach which refused to honor a customer’s request.  Not through legal action,
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Does Facebook’s New Feature Negatively Impact Personalization?

I have been asked recently to provide my opinion on the biggest customer service challenges affecting organizations today. My number one answer is that consumers want to do business with companies that provide personalized service delivery.  How can
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Turn a Complaint into an Opportunity to Increase Customer Loyalty

When you cannot deliver the service you promised to your customer, what do you do? Let’s face it. We all have days when we disappoint customers for various reasons. It could be a team member calling in sick, the internet goes down, bad weather
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Innovation and Process: What Football Teaches Us About Customer Experience

A friend of mine, the Head of a Middle School, wrote the following as part of his weekly letter to parents. He is working hard to balance change and innovation demanded by modern times with the tradition and process long revered in student education
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Make ’Em Say Wow: Tips for Building a Strong Service Team—Part Two

Your organization is going to get some sand in the gears, and when that happens, it’s your job to keep your people focused and enthusiastic. How do you do that? You find opportunities to educate. You recognize individual successes. You role model
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Hire People who are Passionate about Customer Service

If I go into a pet store, I expect the people working there to love animals.  That makes sense to me.  Taking care of dogs, cats, birds, and fish can be fun but there are chores involved.  Cleaning out a cage or bathing a dirty dog requires passion
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Three Course Leader Challenges (and How to Overcome Them)

Are you a passionate but frustrated Course Leader? Here’s how to overcome it! I recently asked a group of experienced UYS Course Leaders two questions: 1. “What is your biggest frustration as a Course Leader in your organization?”, and 2. “What are
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Make ’Em Say Wow: Tips for Building a Strong Service Team — Part One

In this two-part blog series, I’ll provide tips on how you can strengthen your service team. Here, in Part I, we’ll take a look at the steps you can take to make it easier for your employees to provide great service to your customers or clients. We
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Caring for Customers After the Sale – the Missing Step in Creating Loyalty

Showing customers they matter after the transaction is complete is a critical step in the customer journey. It validates that you care. However, most companies miss that piece of the puzzle. In order to develop true customer loyalty, the shopping
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Nairobi to Shanghai: A World of Service

When considering quality of service around the world, many stereotypes can be applied. We may think certain countries or cultures naturally excel at service, while others are very efficient but not very friendly. And we may even see some countries