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Tim Monroe MIoD

From: Via: @timvmonroe @bufoting I think you underestimate just how disconnected from reality one becomes as she/he ascends
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5 Ingredients for Creating a Successful Company Culture Committee

There comes a time in every HR practitioner’s career where you realize you just can’t drive company culture alone. Modern conceptions of company culture are in a state of transition. For as many companies out there that recognize the
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Six Ways Executives Shaped the Culture of Their Organization

This article is excerpted from Tom’s recent book, The Stress-Reduction Pyramid: A Guide to Managing the Greatest Threat to Employee Health and Productivity. Part 1, Entitled Do You Have a Culture of Stress? Here’s How to Find Out
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Facebook get serious about blockchain, shakes up its executive team

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is still on top, but other parts of the Facebook universe have gotten shuffled around. Zuckerberg will now oversee three core groups within products and engineering: "Central product services," "new platforms and
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4 Ways to Build an Innovative Team

It takes psychological safety, diversity, teamwork, and mission.
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Collaboration Across Time And Space Leads To Innovation

The ability to organize and enable teams is becoming a key driver of competitive advantage. Success in this new epoch requires mastery of a range of communication and collaboration technologies. To be effective, such tools must be intuitive,
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The Bar Has Been Raised and It’s Time For a New Kind of HR Executive

Like a lot of you, I get requests from executive headhunters looking for C-Level HR officers. As I read through the job descriptions and mentally scan my network, I am noticing a powerful trend. That trend translates to a new level of HR officer.