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This phone charger is also a hidden security camera

Nobody suspects a phone charger. They’ve become so commonplace that they seem to hide in plain sight. That’s why they’re a perfect disguise for a hidden camera. Look, we’re not condoning snooping on anyone, but if you’
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Capacity building is imperative

From: Buisness-standard By Somasekhar Sundaresan Recommended by: business-standard The last edition of this column spoke about the Securities Appellate Tribunal being hamstrung in conducting final hearings due to two out of three
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Google announces its first foray into the security key market

Google is having a busy week at its Cloud Next '18 conference, but it's primarily been all software announcements. That changed on Wednesday with the Titan Security Key. SEE ALSO: WiFi security is finally getting an update after 14 years The Titan
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Facebook's top security exec urges company to collect less user data

Facebook's outgoing top security executive has urged others at the company to do some soul searching about practices that have led to a number of privacy and security scandals. Chief Security Officer Alex Stamos, who is set to depart the company
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PIA review: A fast and secure VPN, but Netflix users need not apply

PIA VPN $$2.91 a month View Product The Good Good security features • Lightning-fast internet speeds • Easy to use • Great for torrenting The Bad No Netflix The Bottom Line If you want security while surfing the web and
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Trump’s phones remain vulnerable because he considers security 'inconvenient,' report says

President Donald Trump is once again making headlines for the staggering carelessness of his smartphone use, leaving himself vulnerable to any number of hacks and security risks. This latest update comes from Politico, which details how Trump is
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Security footage captures smooth criminal dancing after breaking into building

When breaking into a business, one has to remember some critical steps. Secure counterfeit keys. Make sure to don a hoodie to obscure your face. Upon successful entry, break dance. At least, that was one of the steps in this California man's
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Worried about Wi-Fi security? This is the router you need.

BitDefender Box 2 $249.99 View Product The Good Monitors your internet traffic and provides security alerts • Friendly design • Easy-to-use app • Doesn't slow down your internet The Bad Security features cost $99 a year
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Google's big Gmail update makes your inbox smarter and more secure

Google's big Gmail update is finally here.  Today the company unveiled one of the biggest Gmail updates in recent memory, adding a slew of new productivity and security features to the service's desktop and mobile apps.  SEE ALSO: Google's