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Elevating the Sourcing Game (Zangief Style) With the Scraper Warehouse

I was digging around Reddit the other day looking (okay I was building a CSE to extract profiles), and I came across this nerdy article about video games. There’s been some trolling on how many fighting games (like Street Fighter,...
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India doesn't need a new retail FDI policy; it needs to scrap existing ones

From: Buisness-standard By Arvind Singhal Recommended by: business-standard Now well into its fifth year of being in power, the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government continues to ignore one of the most vital growth drivers
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Vehicle recycling: Can Mahindra's plan save the day?

From: Via: RT @FortuneIndia: Vehicle #recycling: Can Mahindra's plan save the day? @arnikathakur