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Arctic sea ice hits 2nd-lowest seasonal peak as scientists ring alarm bells

Arctic sea ice expands and contracts throughout the year, reaching a peak extent sometime during March, just as the sun rises above the North Pole.  It shrinks back during the summer, on its way to an annual minimum during the month of
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Unusual smoke-breathing elephant baffles scientists

For scientists conducting long term research on tigers and their prey, catching an elephant smoking is a rather strange sight. That's what they discovered when they visited camera trap locations around India's Nagarahole National Park. "I believe
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Scientists built a robot fish to spy on hard-to-find ocean animals

Capturing marine life up close is tricky, but this robot could be a novel solution. Researchers from MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory have developed a soft, robot fish called SoFi, which can swim on its own and is
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Scientist at centre of Facebook scandal didn't think data would be used to target voters

The man who helped gather Facebook users' information for Cambridge Analytica claims that he didn't think it'd be used to target voters. Data scientist Aleksandr Kogan, who also goes by the surname of Spectre, told CNN's Anderson Cooper on Tuesday
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Kids are drawing more female scientists than ever before

Imagine asking a classroom full of elementary school students to draw a scientist. Now try to guess how many of them would sketch a female or male scientist.  In the decade that spanned 1966 to 1977, teachers across the country gave 4,800
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Scientists intentionally acidify sea water to show just how screwed coral reefs really are

An experiment carried out at One Tree Island in Australia's Great Barrier Reef offers a stark warning of the growing risks that corals face as the oceans become more acidic with time. Ocean acidification due to the burning of fossil fuels could pose
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The culture of STEM may sideline aspiring queer scientists

The fields of science, technology, engineering, and math have been infamously hostile to women and people of color. Now, new research shows that the culture of STEM may also sideline aspiring lesbian, gay, bisexual, and queer scientists.  SEE
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Not just a brilliant scientist, Stephen Hawking was a pop culture juggernaut

Stephen Hawking got plenty right about the universe, and that even extended to his thoughts on pop culture. "The Simpsons is the best thing on American television," the late astrophysicist said on BBC's The Culture Show, reflecting on his appearance
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Economists vs scientists on long-term growth

From: Buisness-standard By Kenneth Rogoff Recommended by: business-standard With the after-effects of the financial crisis fading, and AI perhaps starting to gain traction, trend US output growth can easily stay strong for the
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Scientists uncover a signal sent out by the first stars in the universe

For millions of years after the Big Bang, the universe was a cold place filled with hydrogen and helium created at the dawn of the universe.  And then, suddenly, there was light. For the first time, a team of astronomers think they've detected