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Is Facebook too powerful for its own good

  For nearly two weeks, Facebook has been at the center of a media firestorm about whether its "human editors" have been inappropriately tampering with the "Trending Topics" seen by millions.A U.S. senator has pressured Facebook for
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How to Use Analytics When You’re Not Google

Google has done a great job in setting an example of using analytics and evidence to make HR decisions (see Work Rules! by Laszlo Bock and the Rework site). However, there is a drawback to having Google as a role model. Most HR functions look at
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How to be a fearless networker

 This article is part of DBA, a series on Mashable about running a business that features insights from leaders in entrepreneurship, venture capital and management.You're standing face-to-face with a professional in your industry who can help
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India Inc staring at another challenging year in FY17:India Ratings and Research

Domestic ratings agency India Ratings and Research today said external risks are likely to make the upcoming FY17 a "challenging" year and pre-tax profit growth for top companies is unlikely to hit the double-digit mark. The agency in its
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3 Steps to Help Remote Employees Really Work

Entrepreneurs everywhere are giving a whole new meaning to the phrase, “I need a little distance,” by putting employees to work remotely. And whether they’re seeking space or savings, it’s vital to make employees working from home work for the
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Ajit Balakrishnan: The pain of innovation

 Whenever the talk about innovation bubbles up into a fever, as it is currently doing in India, I abandon my normal route to work from Colaba to Mahim through pretty Marine Drive and take the inner route, through Chinchpokli and Jacob Circle. I
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Launch: The 2-Hour Audio Documentary of a Startup

I’ve just released a 2-hour audio documentary chronicling the story of building and launching my latest startup, Drip. Launch. A Startup Documentary was compiled and edited from 9 months of Skype calls between myself
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How to Scale Globally- Richard Branson Recommends Naveen Tewari's Story

Richard Branson recommended Naveen Tewari's Story of InMobi. So one does need to see it. In this candid talk, Naveen shares tips, on VC funding, the phases a business goes through when scaling up, and how to have full faith in your own
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Small Business Congress & Awards 2013

The greatest challenge of running a small business is breaking the mindset of thinking small. More than ever before, growth today is driven by vision of the entrepreneur or the founder and not by the conditions or prevailing externalities. The
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"Business Model Innovation" - an imperative for Businesses

A good business model answers Peter Drucker’s age-old questions: Who is the customer? And what does the customer value? It also answers the fundamental questions every manager must ask: How do we make money in this business? What is the