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Child pornography links found in Bitcoin's blockchain

Some of Bitcoin's most important features — the immutability and the distributed nature of its blockchain — might spell trouble for the cryptocurrency.  A German team of researchers have found some objectionable content within
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This rap song tries to explain bitcoin cash and is ridiculously great

It may have taken over the world in 2017, but it seems the cryptocurrency has finally reached its final form of dominance in our culture: a rap song.  The song "Bitcoin Ca$h," by rapper Lil Windex, features such poetic lines as "Bitch, I got
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Bitcoin's self-proclaimed creator accused of using obscure font to steal billions

If you're going to defraud someone out of several hundred thousand bitcoin, maybe don't also draw undue attention to yourself by publicly claiming to have created the cryptocurrency.  Oh, and you probably shouldn't make a shitty computer font
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Bitcoin businesses want to stop talking about the creator thank you very much

 Bitcoin startup founders and investors are eager to put the mystery of its creator to rest. Image: AP Photo/Mark LennihanBitcoin has survived the collapse of one of its largest exchanges, public associations with the seedy underbelly of Silk